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PCs vs Tablets – Which One Is Best ?

In recent years, we have seen some tablets overtake some budget laptops and PCs in terms of power. For example, Apple now manufactures tablets with their M1 chip that rival some budget laptops and even some PCs in terms of performance and power. Many modern tablets are so powerful that it is worth exploring whether there are instances where you would pick up a tablet instead of opting for a computer.

Media Consumption

Both tablets and PCs are great for media consumption, but we have to say that this is one area where tablets beat computers. While you can enjoy media on your largest PC monitor, you cannot do this if you do not have a source of AC power. With a tablet, (some of which come with up to 20 hours of battery life), you can have several hours of content consumption without the need for external power.

Additionally, some tablets now come with USB-C meaning you can connect them to a TV or compatible monitor and watch your content that way.


There is no doubt that a PC will beat a tablet in gaming because of its power input options and larger display, not forgetting a dedicated GPU that most computers come with now. This means you can play the best games at the highest resolutions and with no dropped frames. Additionally, developers create games or PCs first before they move on to tablets, meaning you will usually play the latest games first compared to someone gaming on a tablet.

One area where tablet gaming destroys PC gaming is on-the-go gaming, where you can game on your tablet almost anywhere. Some gaming genres have taken advantage of this by making their games available on tablets. A great example is online casinos that allow you to play games for real money whenever and wherever you would like to play. Many also offer the same functionalities you could get playing on PC such as playing using real money. To find out which casinos allow this, you could read different reviews to find the best USA real money online casino and play their casino games wherever you may be.


With a tablet, you will often have one or two connections for connecting peripherals and external displays. PCs, on the other hand, will often have numerous connections, many times over four different types of connections for monitors, keyboards, mice, and other types of peripherals.


There is no doubt that tablet software has come such a long way that it is now possible to do some work on your tablet. This is especially true if you can connect a keyboard and mouse or touchpad to it. However, the software available on tablets usually has fewer features than similar software available on PCs. Because of this, what you can do will often be limited by the software you use and not your creativity.

There are clear cases for when to choose a tablet and when to choose a PC. When you need a powerful and portable option, you can go with a modem tablet. However, if you need power, to use larger displays, and a better selection of ports and connections, a PC will always be the better opinion.



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