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A perfect Guide to Purchase Bitcoins

Technology is getting advanced at a rapid pace, and there are several inventions that have the potential to change the world in the future, and one of them is cryptocurrency. When it comes to cryptocurrency, bitcoin surely tops the list as it is the most used digital currency. Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology, which offers the users great privacy and security of transactions.

If you want to acquire bitcoins, you need to buy them, and there are several ways in which you can purchase bitcoins. You can use the app to buy and trade bitcoins. You can read below if you want to learn about some of the simplest ways to buy bitcoins.

Bitcoin ATMs

One of the safest and most convenient ways to buy bitcoins is using a Bitcoin ATM. Bitcoin ATM is a new concept, but it is expanding in different cities at a rapid pace. It is like an ATM in which you can insert cash and purchase bitcoins. If you want to keep your bitcoin purchase private, there is no better option than a bitcoin ATM. You will receive a paper receipt that you can use to transfer purchased bitcoin to your wallet.

It is highly convenient, but the only drawback is that the bitcoin ATM is not available in all areas. If you are confused if there is a Bitcoin ATM around your area, you can use the bitcoin ATM locator to search. It will tell you about the nearest bitcoin ATM in your region, and you can visit to purchase bitcoins easily.

Use Giftcards

Buying gift cards using bitcoins is quite common, but you will be surprised to know that you can use gift cards also to purchase bitcoin. It allows you to save some money and stay anonymous while making the purchase. You simply need to buy a gift card and exchange it for bitcoins as few online bitcoin exchanges allow you to buy bitcoin with gift cards.

You need to give proof of the gift card, such as a picture of the code or the receipt, to the seller, and once it is verified, you can easily get bitcoins transferred to your wallet. When you purchase bitcoins, it is held by the website, and once the verification process is completed, it gets transferred to your bitcoin wallet. Gift cards are available at a discounted price, which allows you to buy maximum bitcoin at minimum cost.

Online exchanges

There is a wide range of bitcoin exchanges available on the Internet, and you can use any of them to buy bitcoins. There are several options available, which makes it a challenging task to choose the most reliable and efficient one. There are numerous factors that are crucial to look out for a while, selecting a perfect bitcoin exchange. You must choose an exchange which is governed by the authorities so that there is a minimum risk of facing any fraud.

There are different types of bitcoin exchanges providing users with a wide range of trading options. You must compare all of them and choose the one that fits perfectly with your needs and requirements. Bitcoin exchange must be compatible with mobile devices so that you can access them through your mobile phone without any issues. Moreover, you must check the payment options available and pick the right one.

Peer-to-peer exchange

One of the simplest ways to buy bitcoin is to purchase them directly from the seller. P2P exchange refers to buying and selling of bitcoin without any involvement of a third-party or intermediary. There are few P2P platforms that allow you to connect with sellers directly and buy bitcoins. You must be careful while choosing a P2P exchange and pick one that offers you the safest exchange and ensures that your funds and information is protected.

Several fraud people are there on the Internet claiming to sell bitcoins at affordable prices. You must stay away from them as bitcoin is a decentralized currency, and you cannot report the fraud to any authority. So, you must ensure that the seller is authentic so that you won’t lose your money. You also need to pay a certain percentage of the amount as a fee, but it varies according to different sellers; some charge a high fee, whereas some settle for lower charges.


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