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Photos was unable to repair permissions on your library

Photos was unable to repair permissions on your library

Photos app has vastly improved from its earlier days. But still, a few lingering issues continue till date. One such error experienced by users is ‘Photos was unable to repair permissions on your library’. This error causes the app to close down and at times can be frustrating. So, we thought of enlisting the solution for this issue. Let’s find out.

Solution 1: Use Photos Repair Library tool

The Photos Repair Library tool present on your Mac can help tackle the issue. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Open your Photos app on your Mac. If your Photos application is already open, then first close it and open it again. 
  • While you click to open the app, press and hold down the Command and Option keys at once. 
  • A new window will open where you have to click on Repair. It will then start the repair process. 
  • If you are prompted to enter your user account and password do enter them to continue the process.
  • The time duration for the completion of the process depends on the number of photos stored in the system. The higher the number of photos, the longer it will take to repair.
  • The Photos Repair tool will analyze and repair inconsistencies and defects. 
  • Now you can open the Photos app without any error.

Note – If you repair a Photos library that is automatically updated with the iCloud, then the entire library will be re-updated once the repair process is complete.

Solution 2: Force the repair process on the Photos app

You can also force the repair process on the app to fix your issue. For this, you can boot your system in safe mode. While restarting the system press on the Shift key. This will cause the Photos app to repair its permissions. This way the error will be resolved. 

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