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[pii_email_eba7eaeb6d025a2475b2] Error Code Fix [ JAN 2021 ]

Are you facing [pii_email_eba7eaeb6d025a2475b2] error Code . Lets See how to fix this error . The Below Fix is Generic Outlook Error Fix not particular to this Fix . This may work or may not . Please Consult outlook Customer Care before applying this Fix.

The outlook is one of the finest Personal Information managers from Microsoft that have made it quite easier for the users to manage the different data associated with your Microsoft account perfectly. It not only helps you in sending and receiving emails throughout successfully but also assists you in performing the different tasks like handling calendar information, task manager, and much more efficiently.

This error message [pii_email_eba7eaeb6d025a2475b2] occurs if Outlook Mobile Manager was able to handle the error it found, and because no other faults or problems occurred, shut down continued normally. This is an informative error message. This error message may occur if another program is running. To resolve this issue, check for other programs that may be running when this error message occurs.

The majority of us usually use Outlook daily. Facing issues while working or accessing some applications is quite annoying. A minor disturbance in the Outlook Email Settings can easily prevent you from accessing unlimited features of this application.  One can easily correct the Outlook Email Settings to get rid of these annoying issues effectively.  If you don’t know how just check out the detailed procedure given below:

[pii_email_eba7eaeb6d025a2475b2] Error Code Fix

[pii_email_eba7eaeb6d025a2475b2] error Code Fix

  • Launch the Outlook on your device and then tap on the File section available there.
  • Once done, now tap on the Account Settings option.
  • Tap on Account Settings again to move further with the process.
  • A new Account Settings window will be launched on your home screen.
  • Just tap on the Change option available here.
  • Once done, now search and select the More Settings option from there followed by selecting the Outgoing Server.
  • Now explore the My Outgoing Server (SMTP) from the given options and then tap on the checkbox next to it.
  • You will be now asked about the authentication. Make sure to follow up the provided instructions very carefully to ensure successful authentication.
  • On the successful completion of the above process, now select the checkbox available next to the Log on to incoming server before sending mail.
  • Bingo! You have now successfully done with the correction of Outlook Email Settings.
  • Make sure to restart the Outlook again to enable the success of changes you just have made earlier.

Also Due to corruption in Outlook Profile

Solution: Follow these below steps:

  • Initially visit Windows Control Panel >> Mail >> Mail Setup option.
  • Hit on the Show Profiles >> Add button.
  • Make a new Outlook profile >>add your email account to it.
  • Login to the new Outlook profile and again send the message.

[pii_email_eba7eaeb6d025a2475b2] error occur if your connector configuration contains incorrect information. Typically, the first error message occurs if there is a typographical error in the server name, user name, or device ID. To resolve this issue, check the information in the connector configuration to make sure that you entered it correctly. Make sure that you entered the correct connector type (Mobile Information Server or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol .

This error message [pii_email_eba7eaeb6d025a2475b2] occurs if there is a loss of network connectivity or your mail server is unavailable. To resolve this issue, check basic network functionality to make sure that you can connect to network resources. If other network resources are available, check with your Exchange Server administrator to ensure that your server is available .

Disable Windows Firewall and Antivirus Program

Windows Firewall and any other third party Antivirus program can affect the sending and receiving of emails on Outlook. This can result in Outlook send receive error. Hence to fix this error [pii_email_eba7eaeb6d025a2475b2] , consider disabling Firewall and Antivirus program.

  1. Open Control Panel and click on network connections
  2. Right-click on the network connection you are connected and click on Properties
  3. Under the Security tab turn off Firewall.

Once the problem is fixed and the inbox is updated, enable the Windows Firewall.

Note : This article is for information purpose only . Please apply under your own risk . Please Contact microsoft support before applying any of these solutions .

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