In an effort to address some of the barriers that are limiting the spread of Beowulf class cluster-based supercomputer, Pileofpcs has been created. It is dedicated to the proliferation of cluster-based supercomputing  by creating, promoting and sponsoring the Open Source development of distributions, applications and tools comparable to those sold by traditional supercomputer vendors.

It is is looking to support and encourage the development many other application and/or tool projects including two special types: those requiring parallelization and those supporting parametric execution.

1. Parallelized applications :  Although efficient parallelization is a property of the specific beowulf computer, it can promote the creation of pre-parallelized applications. While this will be a challenge, creating a repository for pre-parallelized and parallelized code with help speed the development of useable applications for all.

2. Applications that support parametric execution : Parametric executions require that the same application is executed numerous times. A single application is run under a wide range of input conditions and the results of these different runs are collected together. Parametric executions are ideally suited to run on large computing clusters, since they produce a lot of jobs, often exceeding thousands. These applications will allow users to tap power of distributed computing.

pileofpcs are creating a base application that would enable users with no particular knowledge in Linux, to setup, configure and manage a linux cluster.

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