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Quick Guide To Know More About Sweden

A country that once started from the bottom (literally), Sweden began in poverty and primitiveness now ranks the highest regarding life expectancy, literacy, and education. You can say that Sweden is not the same country as it is before. There are a lot of things that have changed in this magnificent country.

Sweden went far from its earlier days. This country is now one of the most visited and hottest tourist spots globally due to its royalty tradition. It is a go-to place for all of you who are fans of a monarchy type government system. If you’d like to be prepared before going on your Swedish journey, continue reading to give you a taste!

Quick Guide To Know More About Sweden

Long live, Sweden!

One of the fascinating sweden facts is their life expectancy. The overall average is 83 years old, but the Women alone can live up to 84 years of age, and the Men live up to 81 years of age. Sweden ranked 16th highest in regards to life expectancy in the whole world.

They are four years more than the United States’ average life expectancy, 79 years of age. The leading cause would mostly be due to the clean air and lots of green lands, which causes tiny air pollution and particles that are small enough to enter the lungs and cause damage.


Another best thing about Sweden is its top-notch education. They ranked 8th highest in the overall rankings in terms of the world’s education system for 2020. These are all analyzed by the researchers of CEOWORLD and compared 93 countries based in 2 categories: Quality and Opportunity.

Sweden ranked this high up due to its decentralized style of the educational system. All the local authorities have been granted autonomy in designing and making the federal government’s course curriculum. But there are still some common goals and objectives for all Swedish authorities to abide and follow.

Aurora Borealis

For many of us, when we hear Sweden, the first thing that comes to our minds is the Aurora Borealis, which is most commonly known as the Northern Lights. This is the main attraction in Sweden since here is where you will only be able to see and be amazed by how beautiful the Northern Lights are.

The Northern Lights starts to appear in early September, but at that time, it will only be visible in the far north town in Sweden, which is called Kiruna. By the time the Winter Season fully sets, the Northern Lights will be visible throughout the whole Lapland of Sweden. Make sure to catch a glimpse of this fantastic view.

Solid Blue with a Yellow Cross

The official flag of Sweden consists of a yellow cross in a field of blue. The yellow cross represents Christianity, which was adopted by the Scandanavian country in the 11th Century. The cross also illustrates the value of integrity since it is a law for them to be honest and upright.

The field of blue represents and symbolizes perseverance, truth, loyalty, vigilance, and justice. These are the five main traits that a Swedish citizen should have. That is why when you visit their country, you will be greeted by the most peace-loving and honest people you will ever encounter.


Though there are many things left unsaid and is still a mystery about this one of a kind country, it will surely be one of the best experiences that you will have if ever you will have the chance to visit Sweden. The clean air, the hospitable locals, and the Northern Lights.

Here you go! These are just of the countless notable highlights and hidden gems to mention. Sweden is undeniably A MUST on everyone’s travel bucket list! This Scandinavian jewel is truly stunning and a culturally rich country. Having a chance to visit Sweden is one of a lifetime opportunity that nobody would want to miss.

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