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Reasons for Refinansiering

Refinancing is simply taking out a loan to pay off an already existing loan. The new loan usually has different terms, especially the loan interest.

It is common to see people go for Refinansiering av kredittkort to buy themselves equity. In most situations, people take out personal loans to refinance their credit cards. It is a good idea as long as an individual has a solid payment plan to repay the personal debt.

There are many credible reasons why someone may opt for credit card consolidation loan. Therefore, let us discuss these reasons to get a clear understanding of how helpful credit card refinancing can be.

  • Fixed interest rate

One of the key reasons that pushes one to opt for credit card consolidation loan is the interest rate. Personal loans usually have a lower fixed interest rate as compared to a credit card. You can take out a loan and the calculated interest is fixed no matter how long it will take you to pay.

The payment period is in installments allowing you to pay it off monthly without being charged an extra interest. However, this is not the same with a credit card loan. The longer you take to pay the higher your interest rate accrues.

Always ensure the new debt you are taking has a lower and fixed rate. It is easier paying it off as compared to when the rate is variable. This option is cost-effective.

  • Predictable monthly installments

Another reason for debt consolidation is that these new loans come with fixed terms and rate. A personal debt has a secure and fixed monthly payment plan that can allow an individual to make a payment schedule.

However, credit cards have variable interest rates that can go up or down depending on index changes. A change in interest affects the loan amount and payment period too. Change in interest rate can be monthly, quarterly, or annually.

These constant changes make it difficult for a person to make a monthly budget to allow them repay the debt. Your loan amount becomes unpredictable because it might have gone up when the interest rate reset and went up.

Paying off such a debt can be a headache because the total amount of interest might be equal to the loan you borrowed. Hence why it is better taking a personal loan to clear off other debts because then you have a clear and predictable monthly payment. Read more here 

  • Manage finances with one payment

Which is one better between paying off multiple debts and paying off one debt? We can all agree that it is easier repaying a single debt. Having multiple of them can be quite a challenge especially keeping track of them.

Refinancing means taking out a larger loan to pay off the already existing ones. This way, it becomes easier managing different accounts because they will all have settled credits. A new loan can pay off all the debts accumulated by your credit cards.

You will now remain with only a single debt to repay which will be manageable because then, you have a fixed interest rate and predictable payment schedule. It is also easy budgeting for a fixed loan as it helps one avoid any late payments.

  • Progress in repaying debts

It is important to make full monthly payments on time. Paying them in bits will only keep you on loan for years. The minimum payment is usually applied on your interest. Very little is attached to your loan balance.

This means that you are making little to no progress in paying off these debts. Minimum monthly payments only cover the interest charges per month meaning your debt still grows. You might take forever repaying these debts.

Taking out a single loan that is larger than your existing debts might just be the right step. Credit card refinancing using a personal loan is a step towards progress. Clear off all the existing credit card debts using the new loan.

Thereafter, plan and budget on how to repay the new personal loan in installments. This way, you will not be tied to debts for a long time. Instead, you will save more than you would have if you still made minimum monthly card payments.


  • Increases credit score

Taking out loans and repaying them on time helps to improve an individual’s credit score. However, the best way is diversifying your credit mix. This means that you do not solely depend on loans from credit cards but also take consolidation loans.

Since every loan taken is indicated in one’s report, show lenders and credit bureaus that you can responsibly manage different types of loans. Adding a fixed installment debt to other types of loans can help boost your credit score.

Exchange between installment and revolving accounts. Installment accounts have a fixed interest rate and payment period while revolving accounts charge different amounts monthly depending on whether you made a full payment or not. If you did not make a full monthly payment in a revolving account, the interest rate accrues.

 Do a credit mix and ensure that all repayments are made as per scheduled. Late payments and delays are indicated on your debt history and may negatively impact on the credit score. Nonetheless, it is not compulsory to diversify your credit mix. Stick to what favors or works well with you. Click here to read more.


It is advisable to always consult a financial expert before making big decisions that may impact on your monthly budget. Do your research and have adequate knowledge before taking any step. Although loans are helpful, do not take them unless it is necessary.

Plan on how to use the loan money and have a clear payment plan as well. Do not risk going bankrupt because of debts. Avoiding debts will help you avoid situations that require you to opt for refinancing.

Ensure you understand the terms, fees, and rates of a debt consolidation loan before getting it. Analyze your monthly budget and ensure that you can afford and payback the loan without any constraints.

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