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Remote Working: 3 Ways Tech Can Empower the Dispersed Workforce

Remote Working: 3 Ways Tech Can Empower the Dispersed Workforce

Remote working is no longer just a trend — it’s a necessity. The ongoing global health crisis has rendered the traditional working environment all but obsolete, which means that more employees than ever before now have to operate in separate spaces from their colleagues.

This dispersion need not have an impact on workforce communication levels, though. Thanks to the rise of remote technology, staff members now have the capacity to work in a productive fashion no matter where their work takes them.

If you want to find out more about the ways in which modern tech actively empowers today’s dispersed workforce, be sure to read on.

Improved data security

Of course, transmitting information via a web network brings with it a whole host of data security issues. You can never be quite sure who is peaking at your records whenever you share them via the Internet, which is why it is essential that you invest in security-conscious tech, such as android pgp encryption software.

With a self-hosted messaging platform such as Mattermost at your disposal, no longer will you have to worry about external threats gaining access to your important business records. Once you invest in this effective Slack competitor, you will be afforded the opportunity to streamline both your team messaging process and your data security procedure.

Enhanced conferencing capabilities

If your remote employees are to operate alongside one another in a highly collaborative fashion, it’s crucial that you invest in a robust conferencing solution. With the right tech at your disposal in this instance, your dispersed workforce will have the capacity to share a coherent flow of communication no matter how much distance separates them.

Whether you choose to use Zoom or instead opt to invest in Microsoft Teams, it’s essential that you take full advantage of your conferencing solution. To get your money’s worth in this instance, you must:

  1. Ensure that all users have a strong and stable web connection
  2. Provide your participants with an agenda prior to the conference start time
  3. Keep time zones in mind when setting up globalized conferences (what works for you might not work for your partners in another country)
  4. Find yourself a space in your home where you aren’t going to be disturbed
  5. Become acquainted with all of the conference features that you have at your disposal

Optimized time tracking

Remote working could end up having a detrimental impact on your employee productivity levels. Having their homely comforts within arm’s reach may distract your staff members from the work they have at hand, and not having you physically breathing down their neck might make them feel more inclined to take it easy.

Wasted time equals wasted money in the world of business, which is why you must seek to nip this lack of efficiency in the bud right away. An effective way to perform this crucial task is to invest in an optimized time tracking solution. A great option is Time Doctor as it allows businesses to track the active time an employee spends on a computer.

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