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rtl120.bpl is missing from your computer

rtl120.bpl is missing from your computer

DLL issues are something that occurs quite often in systems. There are plenty of reasons for this of which we’ll talk in brief down below. One such error among them is ‘rtl120.bpl is missing from your computer’. This may cause some of the programs to crash or malfunction creating havoc for someone who has to get their work done on a system. But this issue can be resolved easily. We’ve compiled the solution down below.

Why does the error ‘rtl120.bpl is missing from your computer’ occur?

This error can occur due to several reasons. Sometimes it may be because of the overload of the system or missing of some important program files or the accidental deletion of some system files. The thing about the DLL file is that it gets overridden with programs across different applications. This in turn can cause the error to occur. This also causes the system to slow down or crash completely. 

How to solve the error ‘rtl120.bpl is missing from your computer’?

Step 1: Remove any Advanced care system or Tune-Up utilities

  • If you’re using Advanced System Care or any other Tune-up utility software on your PC, then remove them. This software can often delete the DLL system file and that is how the error tends to come up. If you want to remove the malicious programs and all, then you can use Microsoft’s Malicious Removal Tool instead. This will not delete your DLL files.

Step 2: Download and install rtl120.bpl 

  • Go to your web browser and search for rtl120.bpl. 
  • It’s available for free and can be easily downloaded.
  • Now once the file is downloaded copy it to the directory of the program where the rtl120.bpl file is missing.
  • Install the file there.
  • Now reboot your system and check if the error persists.
  •  Your system should work charmingly well.
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