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Sean Green Joins Boink Live Streaming Corp As Vice president Of Corporate Development

Sean Green is proud to be a part of the Boink Live family and he is joining as a Vice President of Corporate Development. He worked for a very long time at American Express, and he is known for having many connections with athletes and entertainers.

Since the platform is all about communication and spreading the word, Sean Green is set to bring in front a lot of athletes and entertainers to this platform rather soon. And the nice thing is that he does have the experience to back all this up.

He has around 20 years of experience in corporate development and financial services. Out of those years, nine of them were at American Express Financial Advisors Ameriprise. The thing to keep in mind is that he worked closely with many sports pros and high tier experts in that industry. So he really is the perfect pick when it comes to stuff like this. The best part is that he is also known for the fact that he can offer outstanding and professional promotion services that everyone can rely upon. It’s one of the things that everyone can enjoy and appreciate, which is what matters the most in the end.

With Sean Green’s help, Boink Live will finally have a great entry point in the sports industry. There are a lot of people that love sports and which want to see their favorite athletes as a part of the platform. And with Sean Green’s approach, they may be able to have that very soon. Which is an amazing experience to be had, that’s for sure.

One thing to keep in mind about this is that Sean Green is one of the many high tier talents that joined Boink Live during the past 12 months. And the best part is that this is only the beginning. This app makes live streaming easier and more impressive once again, and it also integrates all the features and benefits that you need in order to take things to the next level over and over again.

If you want to become an influencer, this is one of the best platforms for that. And you also get immediate access to all the features and ideas that you will need in order to make this approach possible.

The fact that Sean Green is finally coming to the entertainment world as a VP of corporate development is a huge step forward for him and the Boink Live platform as well.  With the right approach and a true focus on success, nothing can really stand in your way. It’s one of the better opportunities and things that you need to consider and the results can indeed be super special in this perspective. It’s extremely important for the Boink Live platform to expand and reach new boundaries, and with help from Sean Green it can totally do that. So we are very excited to share more info about this development soon!

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