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Shopify Help: Tips and Tricks for Business Success 

Shopify has quickly become the go-to platform for businesses. Currently, Shopify is a huge global force; sitting behind Amazon and eBay as the third-biggest online retailer in the United States. Powerful, indeed. 

Through Shopify, businesses of all sizes can easily create the online store of their dreams. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big brand name or an entrepreneur with zero experience, Shopify is the ultimate e-commerce tool for those that want to sell online.  

Of course, you can’t just fire up your online store and expect immediate success – that’s not how e-commerce works. However, you can follow these super easy tips and tricks that are guaranteed to help your Shopify store experience long-term, fruitful success. 

Get expert help

In the modern business world, success is largely founded on collaboration. Companies now outsource a lot of their work; and frequently receive assistance from third-party experts. This is particularly true when it comes to Shopify. 

Running an online store through Shopify is, at times, a complex task. Therefore, your best option is to get expert assistance from The Ecomm Guys, a company that specializes in all-things Shopify. It’ll be able to put your ideas and vision into practice; from your store’s theme and design to its features. Plus, if you’re currently operating through another e-commerce platform, such as eBay, The Ecomm Guys will lend a helping hand and ensure you experience a smooth migration over to Shopify – meaning you won’t lose any data or customers in the process. Sweet, right? 

Identify patterns in your analytics 

Conveniently, Shopify comes with built-in analytics that you can see – boom! Remember, data is key, as it allows modern businesses to make smart and informed where necessary (especially small businesses). 

Specifically, Shopify’s analytics and reports provide info surrounding your store’s activity, how many consumers are visiting your store, how fast your store is, and the number of transactions you’re experiencing. To see all of this, all you need to do is head over to the ‘Overview Dashboard’. 

Also, if you’re a data fanatic, you can upgrade your Shopify plan, which will then give you access to more detailed and insightful reports. 

Market your Shopify store to consumers: Email, SMS, social media

If you don’t market your Shopify store, nobody will know about it. In fact, there’d be a greater chance of you winning the lottery than customers finding your store! 

That’s why it’s so important to market, market, and market some more. Email, SMS, and social media marketing are three common (and proven) ways to get your brand name and online store into people’s vision. 

Email and SMS marketing allow you to mass-market to an unlimited number of consumers to let them know about your store. So, at every opportunity you get, you need to collect your audience’s contact details, whether it’s through purchases or subscriptions, which you can then use for email and SMS marketing. Remember, it’s important to direct consumers to your store through the messages. It’s good to be aware of text message trends if you’re planning to use the SMS channel.

Social media marketing is also an incredible tool for growing awareness. You can post tons of content to platforms like Facebook and YouTube that promote your Shopify store; and you can even pay for sponsored ads that will really get you recognized. 

Make use of Shopify apps 

Shopify offers a boatload of apps with different features and functionalities designed to help your business grow. For example, there are several loyalty program apps designed to reward and incentivize customers who purchase goods from you. 



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