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Super Nintendo: Best SNES Games of All Time

Most video games today mainly focus on 3D graphics with good resolution and complex gameplay. While it is true that these games are exciting to play, the classic games that we used to play on our Super Nintendo Entertainment System better known as SNES, such as the ever-popular The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, will always have a special place in our hearts.

Even though the SNES is now obsolete and has released its latest gaming console, the Nintendo Switch, we still have a way to play these classic games. With the help of a SNES emulator, we would still be able to relive the glory days of our gaming lives with these SNES classic games that we have spent hundreds of hours playing. Let’s take a closer look at what these SNES games are.

Best SNES Games of All Time

Final Fantasy VI

Known as Final Fantasy III in the West, the Final Fantasy VI is considered one of the best SNES games to have ever been played in the console. It redefined the title series, and it pushed through to a sci-fi territory rather than mainly focusing on fantasy. Final Fantasy VI contains one of the most adult themes in most SNES games. You get to play 14 different characters that have different storylines that are all interconnected.

Final Fantasy VI is, without a doubt, a masterpiece in the world of SNES games. It has even played a huge part in influencing RPG games in the United States. If you haven’t played this game in your SNES before, why not try this out with a SNES emulator? You can see for yourself what we are talking about.

Chrono Trigger

Even though Chrono Trigger was released later in the SNES era, the game is still considered one of the most played SNES RPGs that has been released for the console. Famous names in the industry took part in developing the game, such as Sakaguchi of Final Fantasy, Yuji Hori of Dragon Quest, Akira Toriyama of Dragon Ball, and Square.

The main story revolves around a boy who ventured out to take a historical quest. Similar to RPGs played today, it isn’t linear, and it has 13 alternate endings to the game. It has truly stood the test of time and will forever be standing along with all the greatest classical games in SNES history.

Super Mario World

Released as the title game for the console, it is still considered one of the best SNES games ever. The game Super Mario World is a classic icon and has put into motion many innovations in the world of gaming. It was introduced with non-linear gameplay and improved controls, and contains a broader color palette.

The game has 96 various levels, and the game contains a lot of collectibles. Only an adept player of the game would have the ability to collect all these collectibles. It is very satisfying for people who loved the game once they have already collected everything. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, we think it’s about time that you enter the world of Super Mario.

Secret of Mana

Expansive open worlds aren’t ordinary when we are talking about Role-Playing Games. The game Secret of Mana stands alongside one of the most notable games such as The Legend of Zelda. Other than having an open world, the game has amazing fighting systems that would seriously spice things up. It presented players with real-time battles where you have to attack and evade at the perfect moment.

The game is a fully-qualified RPG filled with an appealingly structured pixel-art world, various playable characters, and weapons. What makes this game different from other RPGs is that it contains a co-op mode.


It is a fact that modern-day games have a much better graphic resolution, but having to experience and relive the time when we didn’t think about anything else other than to complete the game is priceless. These classic SNES games are truly a treat to experience, and with these games, you will fully understand how games are played today.

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