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Taking Advantage Of High-Speed Internet In New York

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Most New Yorkers are used to high-speed Internet being offered in their area. On the other hand, what constitutes high-speed is often relative to the last time that they checked on just how fast the Internet has gotten.

As Verizon indicates, although the average speed of an internet connection in New York hovers around 25 mbps, that is not typically even close to what can be available for those who look to see what’s available in NYC .

High-speed Kiosks coming

One new initiative that has some buzz surrounding it is the new kiosk system that was developed here in New York City and scheduled to be deployed over the next few years. It will provide many ground floor businesses and their patrons with free high speed internet at speeds that are much higher than the average speed. The company providing it is leveraging the fact that they are allowed to place kiosks in neighborhoods to sell extra services that enable them to offer free service throughout the city. The only downside for most New Yorkers is that it will not be available for many residents who live on the second floor or above because the focus of the system is to provide coverage for restaurants, parks, and retail establishments.

FIOS is already here

For those who want the highest available speed of Internet access in their own home, FIOS is one of the most popular choices in the city. With speeds of up to 500 mbps, it makes it easy for families to share a connection and get their work or gaming or entertainment needs met at the same time without any noticeable degradation in service. At those speeds, watching HDTV or streaming movies from your favorite provider can be a noticeably better experience. Another positive regarding FIOS is that it is offered with other packaged service like digital telephone and television. When subscribers opt for more than one option, the prices are often going to be much less than they would be if you were to order them all ala carte.

So for those who are wondering what the highest grade of service currently is in New York city, using the new public access kiosk system while you are enjoying your time out in the neighborhood coupled with looking into FIOS options available to you should provide you with a competitive advantage that almost no other city in the United States can offer.

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