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How to become a Technological Pioneer

At a point in time in recent history, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs were all technology entrepreneurs and innovators. These men started with ideas that took the norm of their day, then expanded and altered it in ways that didn’t make sense to most of the people around them. Envisioning a future they would put their unique stamp on, they shaped the world around them to include their ideas. Since then, the world doesn’t just include their revolutions, much of our modern world actually hinges on these innovations. Their legacy of continuing to improve on technology didn’t stop with them, though. There are many technological pioneers still making their marks on our world in a variety of fields.

How to become a Technological Pioneer

North American Companies

Bronxville’s David Walsh, also known as David Walsh Bronxville, leads GENBAND, a company that pioneers IP-based real-time communication software. Their primary focus is on serving larger enterprises as well as cable, fixed line and mobile providers. They’re headquartered in Frisco, TX. Washington, DC-based Arcadia Power focuses on providing clean energy through technology. They’re led by Kiran Bhatraju. In Montreal, Canada, Stephane Germain leads GHGSat. They monitor greenhouse gas emissions globally via satellite, which helps target areas which need to reduce their carbon footprint.

Robots are so cool, right? Their technology is just beginning to be tapped by companies like Airobotics, a Scottsdale, AZ company helmed by Ran Krauss. In the field of Food Science and Agriculture, San Francisco pioneer Christine Moseley supplies a business to business marketplace for surplus and imperfect produce through her company Full Harvest. Via Verde, a Mexico City, Mexico-based company was founded in 2018 by Fernando Ortiz Monasterio. Their purpose is to bring green spaces into cities to create more resilient environments through vertical gardens.

Europe and the Middle East

In Bruchsal, Germany, Florian Reuter leads Volocopter, an urban mobility company that provides electric helicopter transportation that is both safe and quiet. Daphna Nissenbaum founded TIPA in 2010. The Hod Hasharon, Israel-based company is committed to providing flexible, eco-friendly product packaging. Cyber Security and Digital Identity pioneer QEDIT is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Co-Founder and CEO, Jonathan Rouach focuses on sharing information without exposing any proprietary data. Véronique De Bruijn manufactures bio-degradable packaging from CO2 in her Amsterdam, Netherlands-based company, Photanol.

Even the field of law needs technological innovators like Luminance Technologies. They pioneer artificial intelligence to review legal documents worldwide; based in London, England, Emily Foges is the CEO. You can’t talk technology without talking about space. Hourly updated satellite imagery of Earth is the focus of ICEYE, a company from Espoo, Finland led by Rafal Modrzewski. Another London-based company, Callsign, takes the impetus for digitally identifying individuals off the consumer by providing a platform that provides less friction through technology. Founded in 2012, Zia Hayat is the Chairman and CEO. You probably don’t think of tires when you think of technological advances. Black Bear Carbon does. Martijn Lopes Cardozo’s company in Nederweert, Netherlands recycles tires in a way that provides a sustainable alternative to simply junking those tires. The products distilled from those tires are oil, gas and recovered carbon black.

Don’t limit your thinking about technological pioneers to just the computer business. You, too, could be one in just about any industry you imagine.


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