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The Benefits Of Installing A Recommendation Engine On Your E-commerce Site

If you have recently established your own business, the next logical step is to build an official company website where you can advertise and sell your products and services. There are a number of features that need to be included if you are going to build a website that will quickly and efficiently serve your customers and encourage them to purchase goods from you on a regular basis. One of the newest and most exciting of these features is the recommendation engine.

What Is A Recommendation Engine And How Does It Work?

A recommendation engine is a computer generated algorithm that can store data concerning the purchases and viewing habits of individual customers on your site. The purpose of storing all of this data is to give the engine an accurate picture of this customer’s preferences and buying habits, which can then be used to predict with an astonishing degree of accuracy the products that they will be most likely to purchase next.

The recommendation engine will store up all of the collected data and then use it to generate a serious of “Recommendations for you” that are tailored exclusively to the interests of the customer. These recommendations are, of course, based on the items that the customer viewed previously at your site, as well as the products that they have actually purchased from you.

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How Social Media Sites Use Recommendation Engines

In addition to the major e-commerce companies, social media networks, such as Facebook, are also making very profitable use of recommendation engines. A social media site can use an engine to generate recommendations concerning new pages and groups that you might wish to “like” or join, and they can also use your friends list to recommend “People You May Know.”

Perhaps more importantly, Facebook and other social media sites also generate data based on your likes and the items that you share to generate ads from companies that are deemed to be relevant to your interests.

If you have ever wondered why the ads in the right hand side of your Facebook screen do seem with uncanny frequency to be things that you’ve looked at recently, or are definitely interested in acquiring, the reason is simple: A recommendation engine has been tracking your online purchases and the items that you have recently viewed.

The Predictive Powers Of The Recommendation Engine

An ecommerce website builder can easily install a recommendation engine on your site, and it’s an excellent idea to do so. The predictive powers of the recommendation engine, while not fool proof, are quite impressive, and have led to a perceptible upgrade in the productivity and profitability of many a website.

Giants of the e-commerce industry, such as Amazon, Walmart, and many others, have long made use of recommendation engines in order to spur “impulse buys” and further sales. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why installing a recommendation engine on your site is the next logical step for your business.

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