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The Benefits of using Digital Printers

It seems like everything on this planet has gone digital these days, and so has printing. Digital printing has been a major turning point in printing history, and it’s the most current and up to date printing process on the planet today. This affordable method of printing has allowed us easily to print whatever we like without having to create any plates. It is easy and quick to set up, in comparison to offset printing. 

The Benefits of using Digital Printers

Since the release of digital printers in 1993, the device has revolutionized the printing world. One of the major benefits of digital printing that has got the world talking is that it is an environmentally friendly method. By using digital methods of printing you have chosen to conserve the environment. 

Why is Digital Printing Environmentally Friendly?

There are plenty of benefits why choosing to use digital printing is better for the environment such as:

  • Reduces waste: Although you still need paper when printing with digital printers, they use less electricity. In comparison to traditional printers which have a running waste of around 15%, while digital printers only waste around 5%. 
  • Remanufactured Toners and Cartridges: Digital printing machines use toners and cartridges. When you need to top your printer up with ink or toner, many people are finding that there are remanufactured toners and cartridges available on the market that produce similar quality as an original. Not only will these remanufactured printing consumables help you protect the environment, they cost a fraction of the price in comparison to the originals. 
  • Digital printing requires fewer chemicals: Traditional printing methods use a lot of toxic chemicals. Digital printing helps reduce the amount of chemical and physical waste.

In the past, if you wanted to make a proof print, you had to set up everything including the slates, and print. There was no margin for error. In recent history, tech giants like Adobe have helped us proof print before the job is sent to the printer with their advanced software packages. Okay, you might still face a few issues, for example, your page might get stuck or your ink was low so it didn’t look the same as it did on the screen, but in comparison to earlier years, there is a lot less waste. 

Digital Printing is Fast

Digital printing is very quick and efficient, so if you need to hit a deadline, digital printing is the way to go. Traditional offset methods were far slower as they took a long time to set up. Digital printers nowadays can connect through a wide range of devices, via Bluetooth or Wifi. You can print directly from your smartphone to a digital printer almost instantaneously. Other devices like cameras also have built-in Wifi and Bluetooth, which makes printing easy and fast. 

Thanks to advanced technology, digital printers can print out a full a4 page in a matter of seconds, giving you extra time to get on with the rest of your work. Multiple computers can connect to the same printer through a network. This can prove beneficial in the workplace as it can help save space and can reduce costs as business owners won’t have to purchase an individual printer for each employee.

Easy to use

Digital printers these days are simple to use. If the hardware on your computer is set up properly you should have no major issues printing off documents and pictures. A few issues like paper jams, and sometimes connectivity problems might occur, but most of these are easily fixed. 

Although there is advanced software available, like Adobe Photoshop, that takes time to master, there are plenty of software packages that are user friendly and take very little time to get the hang of. It seems like there is a wide array of software and applications available for desktop computers, Apple computers, and smart devices. These software packages help you to enhance images, change the color, add shadows, crop an image, and much more with just the click of a button. As time goes by, it seems that these programs have been getting more advanced and easier to use. 

Connecting a smart device to a digital printer is so easy that you don’t even need to download an app. Turn on the printer, connect the phone through Bluetooth and click print… Magic!


Digital printing on a large or small scale has changed the printing world. If you are considering buying a digital printer for work or home, doing some research online will prove worthwhile. Try staying away from purchasing a really cheap printer, or a printer that comes free as part of a promotion. Although it might seem like a great deal at the timel, many of these cheap printers need very expensive cartridges or toners to function. Just because the printing model is a well-known brand, don’t assume it will be a top-quality device. Check out to see the price of the cartridges and if there are remanufactured consumables for that make. 

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