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This file has no audio or video streams

This file has no audio or video streams

If you’ve been getting an error message of ‘This file has no audio or video streams’ in Adobe Premier then you’ve landed on the right page. We have enlisted solutions that will help you. 

Why does the error ‘The file has no audio or video streams’ pop up?

Although the file tends to open well with other media players like VLC and more, it’s when opening the same with Adobe Premier that the error pop. It may be due to various reasons like different filename extensions, the inclusion of special characters in the file name, and more. Don’t worry it has a pretty easy fix. 

Solution 1: Rename the name of the File

One of the solutions is to rename the file name. Follow these steps for it:

  • Create a second copy of the same file in another location on your system.
  • Rename the file and try to make the name smaller. You should also avoid special characters like underscores, hashtags, and others.
  • Now open the file in Adobe Premiere. It should work now.

Solution 2: Change the filename extension

The second solution is to change the extension of the file.

  • Open file explorer and click on the View button on the top bar.
  • Click on Options placed at the far right of your screen.
  • Then select the Change folder and search options.
  • Now clear the ‘Hide extensions for known file types’ in the View tab. Click on OK to confirm.
  • Now rename the file. If the file is in .mp4 format, change its extension to .mov. and if it is in .mov format change it to .mp4.
  • Then open the video once again in Adobe Premier. 

Solution 3: Clear the media caches file of Adobe Premier.

  • Open Adobe Premiere and click on the menu button.
  • Then go to Edit and look for Preferences. In the Preferences tab find Media.
  • Now look for media cache files and click on the browse button to find the location of the files.
  • Then close the Adobe Premier before going to the file location.
  • Delete the entire folder of ‘Media cache files’.
  • Now import the video again and it will work.

Solution 4: Install QuickTime player

  • If none of those options work, then you can install QuickTime player. Once it is installed then open Adobe premier and import the file again. It should do the trick.
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