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Tools for Project Monitoring and Control

Tools for Project Monitoring and Control

Project management is diverse in its operations. It calls for managers with the expertise to take it in the right direction with the use of the best project monitoring and control tools. Furthermore, managers can hire consultants like CORS who will increase the probability of success. Thanks to technology, project monitoring and control, which are crucial during the progression of the project, are now possible. Such tools are accessed not only with computers but also with mobile devices. If you are wondering which tools you can use to monitor and control your ongoing project, then this article is for you.


In the line of project management, there is no better tool than this. It has so far been endorsed by numerous project managers due to its highly customizable capabilities to suit the needs of any project. Some of the best features include the optional plan workflow and the ability to assign different people, manage suppliers, track workflow and set deadlines for milestones. This is just a small portion of the tool’s features since one can enjoy other capabilities like automatic emails, calendars and reports.


If we were to describe this project-monitoring and control tool in one word, we would say it is mature. Just like GanttPRO, it is also well known and widely used by numerous managers. It has the capability to share files, plan work, complete CRM and manage accounts for the project. Since it is comprehensive software, most project managers find it a worthy resource in which to invest. It is highly user-friendly and compatible with a wide variety of devices.

Zoho Projects

The simplicity of this project monitoring and control tool is the winner here. It allows managers to see the progress in real time since it is an online platform. Also, people can synchronize it with other tools to further enhance its ability to solve issues. For instance, Zoho CRM and Gantt charts are the other two tools that integrate perfectly with Zoho Projects. This is not an ordinary tool since it allows all the parties to collaborate in harmony as long as they are all connected to the internet.


Just as the name suggests, this software is highly sophisticated. The team that came up with the software wanted to increase visibility and control of all tasks in any project. Therefore, they have all the much-needed features like task creation, file sharing, report creation and many more. Its ease of use also makes it excellent software both for beginners in project management and seasoned experts. The Workzone tool has an affordable monthly price.


This tool may look simple in the hands of an ordinary person, but it is a powerful project solution that all managers appreciate using. Due to its flexibility, managers can highly customize the operations of the project at hand to track resources, tasks, deadlines and people. The dashboard is highly visual in a way that allows users to easily get a glimpse of what is happening in the entire project. The payment plan is affordable, making it an excellent solution for both the small and big projects.


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