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Top 3 Fitness Apps for Android


Android apps are getting universal every day, from being just calculators to your every moment fitness tracker. And when you own a moderately configured Android smartphones, there’s not really any need for buying a fancy fitness tracking gizmo. Why waste money on something that already your smartphone can do? Not just do for the sake of doing, but also in a smarter way. Any Android smartphone has a specific set of sensors that is just quite enough to grab enough data to estimate your fitness tracking needs. From fitness trackers to your personal nutrition manager or even a motivational center – everything is an Android smartphone’s forte now.


The name speaks it all. Runkeeper is an Android app that takes data from the Android smartphone’s GPS and accelerometer sensors to get data on your running. Distance covered and the router is the main finding through the Runkeeper app, however it also measures how much calories you have burned. The users could even set a goal to complete on a day and pick different routes to run on different days. During the run, if you need some motivation or information the audio overs can help. And the music integration makes the work out even more enjoyable by randomly picking favorite soundtracks while you are busy sweating your body.

Nike Training Club

If you are new to workouts and looking for a guidance to start working out on a regular basis; then this app could help a lot. Nike Training Club is basically a fitness training app that provides audio visual interactive training on workouts, basically 30 to 45 minutes of calorie burning every day. You could modify the goals you want to have for your fitness, however if you don’t have one the app can suggest good stuff as well. There are plenty of photos and video demonstrations which would surely give clearer ideas on what to do and how to do. Workout exercises for beginners or experts all are listed inside the app; and for offline operation these will be stored in your Android smartphone.

Lose It!

Unlike the previous two apps; Lose It! is a nutrition and food intake tracker. Mint and Level users might find resemblance between the app types even though those two are budget planning apps and this one is calorie planner. All these three apps work the same way but one calculates money while this one calculates calories. Depending on how much food you take every day and how much of it you burn, you shall have a diet chart and exercise chart as well. The newer versions offer sync with wearable Android smart watches and fitness wears for collection of more accurate data. The data will later be stored into your smartphone and used for generating a diet chart.Pie charts and bar charts are used in the app’s interface to make the interpretation easier to the users. You could find buddies to share your charts and thoughts as well.


Android offers a wide variety of options for fitness apps. These three are from three different categories, but the most downloaded ones in the Google Play Store. Apparently there are plenty more in the store and you might also give them a try.

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