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Hike Smarter With These Top 5 Appalachian Mountain Facts

Who doesn’t love a good hike with incredible sceneries while basking in the glory of nature? One of the oldest mountain ranges offers just that. A calm, serene walk can relieve any stress from living a busy city life; this will prove more helpful and beneficial to your health. So, what are you waiting for? Experience the Appalachian mountains now.

One of the oldest mountains in the North American region, this mountain, needs no introduction. The mountain invites you to hike through its unique landscape and views. Whether you are a casual hiker or a thrill-seeking hiker, read ahead and learn about facts you may or may not know about this majestic mountain range.

Hike Smarter With These Top 5 Appalachian Mountain Facts

31 Mountains in One

One of the interesting appalachian mountains facts is that it boasts 31 mountains in its range! Everyone knows that the mountain is vast and wonders itself with its size. But just imagine 31 mountains laid on the landscape of this beautiful range, and the uniqueness of each mountain can take your breath away each time!

Hiking on the Appalachian will never be boring, as you can experience a different view and perspective on each visit. You can plan to visit each mountain throughout the whole month and explore every angle that it offers as you go.

The Appalachians, the Rockies, and the Alps of the East

It may not be as tall as it used to be, but did you know that the Appalachians were as tall as the Rockies and the Alps once upon a time? That’s right; eastern North America had their own Alps and Rockies! What happened, you ask? The world is ever-changing, and thus natural erosion has caused the Appalachians to lose its height but not its beauty!

With the average height of 3,000 feet, it’s nowhere near its old peak, but it’s still a challenging height! Don’t fret as long as you keep a steady pace in hiking, and you will definitely reach one of the summits and conquer it’s mountains one by one.

Rich in Natural Gas, Iron, and Petroleum

The Appalachian is not a mountain made up of just soil and trees. This mountain range is abundant in iron, natural gas, and petroleum. This mountain can power up the world with its deposits of natural gas and oil. It can industrialize a whole country with the amount of iron that is deposited within the mountains!

The materials within the mountains of the Appalachians are essential to living. The industrial revolution of the world is based on the discovery of iron. Anything used in moving from point a to point b will require petroleum and natural gases. The Appalachian mountains are not just beautiful but very useful when the world runs out of resources.

Appalachian Trail Conquerors

This mountain range has its share of conquerors as well. There are about 10,000 people who have journeyed through the mountain from end to end. Imagine hiking through 464,464 feet of mountainous terrain. No simple feat but a memorable experience if done.

More people come to try and conquer this range, but only a few will be able to do it. Scaling this mountain range from end to end requires not just physical strength but mental strength as well. The deeper you are into the journey, not only takes a toll on your body, but your mind takes a beating as well. So consider this before attempting to hike it from end to end.

Fantastic Weather

This range experiences both ends of the weather spectrum. For example, Mount Mitchell experiences both Summer and Winter in its peak, which is astonishing. Although it’s not extreme weather, it is reported that the peak’s climate is more similar to southern Canada, which has mild summers and moderate winters.

Keep this in mind when setting your itinerary to journey through the mountain range. Bring winter clothes just if you need it, and enjoy the summer breeze when it hits you during your long adventure.


The Appalachian Mountains are rich in history, natural reserves, and beauty. It is imperative for hikers and tourists that visit this range should help in its preservation and care. Remember to make memories in its mountains and leave only footprints so future generations will enjoy and bask in its beauty.


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