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Top 5 benefits of Forming a Company

Other entities or individuals can own a company, and ownership can be transferred through the selling and buying of stock. Once you have a viable business idea and are prepared to start a company, register it with the government. At My Swiss Company, we offer formation services whereby we can help you incorporate different types of companies. Here are the benefits of forming a company:

Sharing Ownership

A company comprises shareholders who can be other business entities like another company or individuals. Parts of the company can be divided into shares and sold or bought without affecting the underlying function or structure of the company. Companies are flexible and robust regarding attracting competent employees and managers or sharing ownership. Splitting shares enables the founders to share the company among themselves and with new employees. When the company reaches a specific size, the owners can make it public on a stock exchange or sell it to a larger corporation. All this will not happen if you don’t incorporate your business as a company.

Limited Liability

Corporations or companies offer limited liability to their shareholders/owners. The shareholders are not individually responsible for the liabilities and debts of the business. Creditors cannot go after owners’ assets, such as a car or house, to pay company debts. The company is bound by its liabilities and owns its assets. Your obligation as the owner is limited to the amount you contribute towards the company’s capital and the shares owned.

Tax Benefits

Partnerships and sole proprietorships are taxed depending on the personal income bracket of the owner. Companies are separate legal entities, meaning they are taxed using the corporate rate, which varies based on the location of your business. The corporate tax rate is typically lower than the personal income tax rate. Companies can also use deductions such as entertainment, travel, and marketing to reduce the tax burden. Companies usually gain tax advantages like savings on self-employment taxes and payment of health insurance premiums on behalf of owner-employee. The company’s income is not subjected to Medicare, Workers’ Compensation, and Social Security taxes.

Access to Capital

Many companies sell ownership through publicly traded stocks, making it easy for them to sell stocks and raise funds. Access to funding is a benefit that other entities don’t have. Such an alternative is ideal for growing the business and saving the company from going bankrupt. Many banks also prefer the borrower to have an incorporated business when offering loans.

Hire the Best Swiss Company Formation Service

Registering a company is important, especially if you plan to expand your activity abroad. At the Swiss Company, we specialize in incorporating different types of companies, including management companies, mixed companies, holding companies, investment companies, and principal companies. We can help set up the entire process and help you manage the bureaucratic challenges of forming a company.

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