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Top Tools For Successful Block Printing

As a printmaker, you are probably aware that your tools can make or break your final work of art, especially when it comes to block printing. Here are some of the top tools to make your block prints more successful.

Printing Presses Can Be Helpful

The largest investment in block printing is generally a printing press, which can be small and relatively inexpensive, or a large commercial machine. Whether you decide to invest in purchasing a printing press or decide to go the DIY route, you will want to have some press cleaners on hand to clean up ink after it is used. These cleaners can clean up the supporting pieces of your press and can also help clean up ink off of your tools.

Good Cutting Tools Make Life Easier

While you don’t need to have top-of-the-line linoleum cutters to be a good artist, having sturdy, sharp tools in a variety of sizes is a must. Find tools that fit your hands and that are enjoyable to use, then make sure that you keep them sharp and in good working order. Investing more money into a few tools that you use regularly may be something you’ll want to do at some point, but most artists start off with less expensive equipment in the beginning. You will notice more of a difference in the sharpness of your tools than the cost.

Linoleum Choices Can Be Personal

There are many opinions on what linoleum to use, so make sure to try out different types to find what works best for your style of printing. Softer linoleum is great for newer printmakers, but a firmer linoleum will hold delicate lines better. The best way to find what you prefer is to print similar designs on multiple types of linoleum and judge the outcome yourself.

Printmaking is a beloved art form that can be rewarding for the artist and using these tips can help you start making block prints you are proud of.

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