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How Do You Use Rank Checker to Top Up Ratings and Do Better Than Competitors

Detecting a website’s position in popular search engines is a well-known way to find out the gaps in your online marketing strategies and building new ways to tackle them. A position in the top search engine results determines how much traffic you get and, consequently, how the business will be going. 

How Do You Use Rank Checker to Top Up Ratings and Do Better Than Competitors

So, in simple words, a rank checker tool is there to help you improve the existing SEO moves as well as create new ones to let you reach your goals. This short guide will briefly explain how to use a rank tracker at the example of the Spy SERP rank tracking tool. 

Using Rank Tracking Software to Raise Ratings 

All you need to start researching the positions of your website in top search results is to send a request for a free trial that lasts 7 days. After this, the SEO rank tracker tool Spy SERP will open the functions of extensive analysis, keyword grouping, and a number of keyword lookups. This will be more than enough to get closer acquainted with the tool, deal with several projects, and decide for purchasing a full version of the rank tracker tool. 

Next, you will need to select:

  • The search engines you aim at; 
  • Specify the locations you need to track;
  • Choose the landing pages; 
  • Get reports and analyze them (and convert them into a different format, if desired). 

As you define your ratings and think of improving the current SEO strategies, Spy SERP will guarantee that you get multiple advantages. 

  1. Searching for keyword rankings for different devices.

It’s interesting how search engine results change depending on the device. Since some websites are tailored for desktop use and some try to fit the needs of both mobile and desktop users, their popularity differs. Concerning your website or even separate pages, you can get 100% accurate data of how often mobile users visit the page, what keyword led to the address, etc. 

2. Focusing on any location on Earth. 

Search results in different languages also rank your pages differently. But if you track the live results, update them regularly, and watch how local and global requests change, you will know what to fix in your SEO. 

3. Checking ranks of any page or social media community.

The position of social media pages such as rankings of LinkedIn accounts can also be tracked by the online rank tracker Spy SERP, allowing your team to get on top and attract more potential customers. 

4. Discovering competitors’ rankings.

Among the best features of the software like Spy SERP, we value the opportunity to see the results of your fellow business owners. Comparing their results with yours, you can infer many good lessons about SEO marketing and making effective strategies.

If your needs as a business owner and the functions of Spy SERP coincide, check out the best rank tracker for today and enjoy the results it will give in perspective. 


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