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Using Video Surveillance in Rochester, NY

Rochester is the fourth largest city in New York. It has some fine universities, minor league professional sports and fun things to do. Unfortunately, Rochester has problems with crime. Its yearly violent crime rate is nearly four times the national average. The citizens of Rochester are well-advised to take steps to protect themselves, as well as their homes and businesses. The City of Rochester Police Department does its job well, but people can aid the police. One of the best ways to do this is with a video surveillance system.

Monitor Your Property

An excellent way to help fight crime is to employ video surveillance Rochester NY. By having closed-circuit cameras installed around your home or business, you can see anyone who approaches your building intending to commit a crime via monitors. You can then either chase them off on your own or take the safer option and call the police. Most people who use video surveillance will place a prominent sign on their property informing anyone nearby that the system is in place. This is often an effective deterrent, especially for thieves who steal packages or vandals who spray graffiti. 

Gather Evidence

Video surveillance cameras have the capability to record what they see. This is a boost to the work of the police and prosecutors. Having a crime and the person or persons committing it captured in a video recording provides hard evidence. Many criminals when confronted with such evidence by local authorities just confess. It is also easier to get a conviction with video evidence. Successful prosecutions can help lower the crime rate.

The people of Rochester love their city but do have to be mindful of the crime. A video surveillance system can help the average citizen contribute to the fight against crime. It’s a good way to protect your property.

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