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Vmware 2.7b Pivotal Augustmillertechcrunch

In August 2019, VMware announced the plans to acquire Pivotal, and since then, VMware has been working to complete the acquisition. An announcement recently revealed that VMware had completed all the formalities and acquired Pivotal. The deal cost $ 2.7b to the acquiring firm. This is an excellent milestone for VMware as it will give VMware the capabilities to transform from only a Virtual Machine company to something with cloud capabilities. VMware will now also be a cloud-native vendor, and it will be able to manage infrastructure on the Internet. The announcement was made by Ray O’Farrell, General Manager and Executive Vice Manager of the Modern Application Platforms Business unit in VMware.

Vmware 2.7b Pivotal Augustmillertechcrunch

what is Vmware 2.7b Pivotal Augustmillertechcrunch ?

In an article on TechCrunch, Ron Miller highlighted that this is the third major acquisition for the year. Earlier this year, VMware also acquired Bitnami and Heptio. This can all be a big piece of the puzzle for VMware Tanzu as this platform is designed to bring the Kubernetes container and the virtual machines together to manage the platform easily.

For those unaware, VMware Tanzu is built on a popular infrastructure product. Over time, the capabilities of VMware Tanzu were enhanced with the help of technologies like Heptio, Pivotal, Bitname, and some other platforms. It is interesting to know that Craig McLuckie was earlier working in Heptio, and after the acquisition, he is serving as the Vice President of the R&D unit at VMware.

In the future, VMware will not just be restricted to a technology delivery platform but will also become an organization that will support application transformation initiatives. These can be initiatives for larger organizations that want to decommission their physical infrastructure and adopt cloud infrastructure. So Vmware 2.7b Pivotal Augustmillertechcrunch means VMware Acquires Pivotal for $2.7 Billion .

All these organizations have been connected in one or the other way. Since the company is publicly traded, the investors can see the synergy working in favor of expansion. As a part of the deal, VMware offered $15.00 a share to Pivotal. This was a significant premium over the company’s stock price of $8.3. It would be interesting to see how the future pans out for VMware and Pivotal after this acquisition.

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