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Washington February Covid19 Countybishopgeekwire

Covid-19 Cases On the Rise in Washington

Washington has seen a massive rise in the covid19 cases in the last week. The caseload has reached new heights during the pandemic, and the numbers could increase further because of the high infection rates of the virus. The cases were on a decline for three months, but this comes as an unpleasant surprise for the residents of Washington.

What is Washington February Covid19 Countybishopgeekwire ?

As per an analysis from GreekWire, Todd Bishop shared that this is a 14% increase in the cases from the last week. What is more upsetting is that this rise accounts for a 150% increase from the weekly low cases recorded in the state. The recent comment from President Donald Trump has not been received in good spirits. Jay Inslee has once again emphasized the criticality of wearing masks in public. He added that the situation has remained critical since February, and people must wear marks to avoid infections. The death toll is also expected to rise because of the increase in the caseload.

Washington February Covid19 Countybishopgeekwire

He also added that the government is taking appropriate measures to reopen the economy, but at the same time, the government is taking strict measures to ensure that people wear marks. It is important to know that the only deterrence against the virus is to wear a face mask. King County has been worst affected because of the recent case jump. It has witnessed over 600 cases in just one week, and this is a massive increase of 45% from the last week.

With the increasing cases, the experts are worried about another peak that could stress the collapsing health infrastructure. At present, hospitalizations and deaths are low, but this may change if people are not taking enough precautions. The virus has led to death and death and hospitalization of many youths as well. So Washington February Covid19 Countybishopgeekwire means Covid-19 Cases On the Rise in Washington .

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