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Ways to Improve Call Center Agent Performance

Business process outsourcing (BPO) has been one of the most lucrative industries, generating billions in revenue as they provide an impressive service for their clientele. These call centers employ thousands of people who have to meet quotas to ensure that they achieve exceptional performance. BPOs must set standards and systems to ensure that their employees meet expectations. 

These companies typically employ shift managers to oversee that their agents provide excellent service for their clients. They also employ various tools to ensure they become highly efficient. Among the things that these companies employ include predictive dialer systems that save agents time making calls themselves. These systems make the calls to the clients, and once the recipient picks up the call, they’re forwarded to an agent to address the issue. 

If the company wants to improve its agents’ efficiency, there are several ways to do it. Here are some things that you, as a manager, can do.

Craft a strong SOP

Fielding calls from various clients isn’t easy. A company must employ a strong standard operating procedure to effectively address different scenarios. They must ensure that all agents adhere to the SOP as strictly as possible to promote efficiency. As a manager, you must see that your agents understand each item in the SOP to adapt to each call they receive. Furthermore, you must also be present on the floor to provide the necessary support for agents who need assistance when they encounter a particularly difficult situation. 

Offer a clear career path opportunity

Employees are demotivated especially when they think their positions aren’t allowing them to grow. You can motivate your agents by providing them with a clear career path toward middle or upper management. It’s necessary to make it clear to the agents that their performance would result in avenues for professional growth and advancement. You can highlight the path by motivating agents to hit key performance indicators and milestones to ensure they can get a raise or a promotion. 

Use the best technology available  

Employees get frustrated in situations where they cannot perform their jobs properly because of problems with the technology they use. It’s up to the company to provide their agents with the requisite gadgets and systems to give them an edge in taking care of their tasks. It wouldn’t be good for a company to have lagging computers and other interfaces, as their agent performance and efficiency will suffer. 

Measure the right performance indicators and data

If you want your call center to excel, you must seek ways to measure the right performance indicators and data. To ensure customer satisfaction, you must employ the right system to measure the correct metrics from the clients. You must also select the right software to provide you with the right data, which you can use to make the necessary adjustments to improve performance and efficiency. Selecting the right software is critical to your operational success. 


Operating a call center entails crunching various data to ensure that agents efficiently perform to hit their targets. As a manager, it’s necessary to ensure that you have the right tools and personnel working together. 


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