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What is call analytics? – An Insightful Guide

You must have called service center or call center and must have received as well. And also, with every such call, you receive an automated voice something like they are recording the calls.
Havever thought why business record such calls?

Well, they do all sort of analytics on it and based on these data, business take decisions which help them serve the customer better and grow business. But what is called analytics?

Call analytics is a mechanism to get the following stuff-

  • Call measurement
  • Call collection
  • Call analysis
  • Reporting of phone call data and more

With these data, web analytics and call analytics guys provide recommendations to the marketing team. With this marketing team get to know which kind of advertisement is working well for your company, from where people are mostly coming and lot more.

Using these details, you can estimate the ROI for your campaigns. All you need to get is a Call Analytics Software to understand all the metrics of call analytics.

Call Analytics Features

Here are some of the features of the call analytics we should have. Using the call management platform, you can create the campaign, attach the tracking number and get the best insight from it. Ringba is one such tool, in fact, the best tool for managing your call flow and analyzing your call traffic.

Call Recording

A call tracking software you are using should have the call recording features using which you can record any calls and later you can make then analysis based on it. Although this is a basic feature almost every call tracking tool has but Ringba provide way more than this. You can analyze those calls inside Ringba platform and use what you learn to improve sales conversions and custom

Call Transcription

This is important for all those businesses which receive tons of calls a day and in that case listening the recording is neither feasible nor a good habit as well. In such case, automated call transcription will be the best help. These transcriptions give you a visual, speaker-organized text that you can read giving you full visibility into what’s happening during inbound phone calls.

Call Scoring

This allows you to understand the leads and know whether the leads are qualified or not. Based on these details, you can come to know whether you should follow on those leads further or not. Ringba works on the machine learning algorithms to automatically identify which calls and leads you should focus on using dynamic tags. Using this method, you can save much time, effort and money.

Analytics & Reporting

Ringba Analytics and reporting allows you to get the useful analytics from the calls like which channel is performing well for you, what are their ROIs, etc. With this analytics, you can take correct and authenticated business decision and grow your business.

These features of the call analytics will help you with the following-

  • Gain actionable insights for making business decisions
  • Uncover hidden opportunities about call conversions.
  • Enhance the caller experience.
  • Improve customer service and sales training
  • Save time identifying which lead is good or bad
  • Saves effort and budget


These were all about the call recording and its a feature which will help you with the inbound call marketing. Take every call seriously and use Ringba to get the best from it. The great thing is, you can get started with Ringba for free as well.

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