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Yes or No to Bitcoin Investment ?

Have you ever heard of the word Bitcoin or BTC before? Probably you’ve heard this before. The bank does not control a new kind of digital currencies, and this currency, government, or single organization. It is the first cryptocurrency that has gained public attention and is widely accepted by many merchants.  Like any other currency that existed, Bitcoin can be utilized in buying goods and services. Today, Bitcoin is so popular and Successful that many users and miners worldwide are upgrading their mining software to get more bitcoins.

Yes or No to Bitcoin Investment

Should you invest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin? There are many positive as well as negative news about bitcoin. Many people today still invest in cryptocurrency, but why? Is it a good option, and does it work for your time, money, and effort?

Here a few things you need to know about bitcoin before you invest. This article will give you some information about the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. But remember, this article is just sharing information, and this should not be taken as any financial advice. For more information you can go through official site .

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin or BTC is a digital cryptocurrency, or to say. It’s basically online money. This specific cryptocurrency is very popular and widely used to buy goods and services through a physical store or in an online store as long as the merchant accepts bitcoin. This digital currency is decentralized, meaning it is not controlled by a single organization, specifically a bank or government.

Why should you invest in Bitcoin?

Before you start investing your money in bitcoin, you must first have some basic digital currency knowledge. Investing in cryptocurrencies always comes with a risk. The question here is, would you like to invest in bitcoin even it has a high risk of losing profit investment? Bitcoin can be your downfall if you do not have some basic knowledge of cryptocurrency but investing in bitcoin also has a higher profit than any other investment kind. Bitcoin also fluctuates concerning other currencies. Their value change from time to time. It could go up or down.

The biggest and most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin. Many users have already proved that bitcoin is the safest place to start investing money, unlike the other cryptocurrencies. This cryptocurrency will continue to increase the value over the next 1o years. You’ll find many ways to earn more in this kind of investment one is bitcoin trading you’ll find it more profitable than most other ventures.

Bitcoin Pros and Cons

Below are some pros and cons of bitcoin. Read and understand it carefully, as it may help you in your cryptocurrency venture in the future.


  • Less hassle to send money – bitcoin is decentralized and doesn’t controlled by a bank or government, meaning to say you can send your bitcoin to anyone without going through a bank intermediary.
  • Bitcoins are limited – Did you know there is approximately 21 million bitcoins available in the system. The use of mining software can mine this amount. This makes bitcoin immune to runaway inflation, unlike your ordinary currency. The limited supplies of bitcoin also affect its value.
  • Cheaper transaction fees – Companies or organizations lose some significant short amount of money in transaction fees. This small amount of money builds up over time, so it’s much wiser to use bitcoin because cryptocurrencies are direct and no hidden and extra charges.


  • Very risky investment – Bitcoin has a higher value return of investment, but it comes with a high risk, your just like gambling because bitcoin value changes from time to time. They could rise and fall anytime.
  • Irreversible transaction – you have to be careful in using bitcoin because you cannot be undone or refund it once you send it. You can’t back what you sent, so this is the other downside of Bitcoin.
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