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Automating the Process of Software Testing

Automating the Process of Software Testing

Software testing can be automated with the right software. It is about software making the process of testing technology easier and less time-consuming for management. It is important to free computer systems and their software, individual and mainframe, of bugs so that it works efficiently and is trouble-free. Then we want to take away as much of this process from staff whose time it will impact.

A piece of technology to seriously consider is the testRigor test automation tool. This will help you in your mission to automate your software testing procedures.

Defining Automated Testing

In manual testing, the tasks, checks, or steps conducted, will be performed by a human operative and without test scripts. Whereas, with an automated system of testing, the tests will be automatically executed via the test automation frameworks set up and will use tools and software to achieve the testing aim. 

Error-free computer systems and software will be the aim of any automated or manual testing procedure, and it is possible to achieve more efficiency through automation using tools that are available online.

How Do Automated Testers Work?

Automated testers will code the tests and make improvements to those tests repeatedly as and when the adjustments are needed. This saves staff constantly having to work out what needs adapting with software and then needing to code it manually themselves. Much time and effort will be saved by a process of automation.

How Do You Automate Software Testing?

Best practices for software automation will include deciding on the test cases that you wish to automate, as a computer cannot do that for you. Then it is a case of selecting the best automation tool for the job. Next, you will look to divide your automated testing efforts before creating some decent quality test data and automated tests that will be resistant to changes in the UI.

An Automation Testing Example

You can, for instance, test the vulnerability of a security system by adopting vulnerability and cyber testing as automated tests that will be run against an entire IT system or infrastructure, a network device, or just a piece of software.

An automated security test will be looking for vulnerabilities in a computer system or network that could be exploited by a hacker with any kind of intent. Worse still, malicious intent. If a competitor, for example, was able to gain key data from another company it could give them an unfair competitive advantage and mean the downfall of the company that was victim to the cyber-attack. 

Confidential customer information could be obtained or embarrassing information to spoil the reputation of another. Practices considered unethical to some could find themselves newspaper headlines and prove very damaging to the hacked company.

When Should I Automate a Test Case?

A test case should be automated if it is a task that is going to need to be repeated. Also, where it will save time to automate that task. It is a clever idea if the requirements of the test are not likely to change.

Automation is particularly helpful when a test is subject to potential human error. We can avoid this by running an automated test.

When a test is going to be time-consuming, it makes sense to automate software testing by purchasing a tool that makes this possible. 

Should a test have significant downtime periods between its steps, it makes sense to automate rather than have staff idling between steps. It is not an effective use of expenses to pay staff for the time that they are not working or where minimal work is required in-between key tasks.

It makes sense to automate software and system testing because it can save a company, or smaller business, time, and money. It is ideally suited to situations such as those described above. The tools are available online that will automate software testing and make the process less tiresome and a much easier and more efficient one to perform.

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