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Lån Til Ferie – Getting a Loan for Your Dream Vacation

Vacation Loans

 If you are looking forward to a family trip, you might see that it will cost you more than you expected. You might decide that you need to take out a vacation loan to make it happen. There are options that you need to look into so that your getaway will be the best one ever.

You can look at lenders online or you go to a brick-and-mortar building that could give you loans. You could also look at ferielån, or vacation loans to see what shows up for you. This site may have some information that could get you a loan.

This article will explain about vacation loans and the need for them. It will also talk about different companies that might be able to help you get a loan. You could also do some more research to find more information about how to finance your dream tour.

The Three Best Vacation Loans

  1. LightStream – This lender will give you a personal loan that can fund your dream getaway. They can loan you up to $100,000 with an interest rate of up to 23.99% and a loan repayment term of up to 144 months. They want your credit score to be 660 or above to finance your vacation. They have no extra fees and will give you a discount of 0.50% on the loan for autopay. You can look here to see the current interest rates: This site will keep you updated on the interest rates.
  2. Upgrade – If you do not have particularly good credit, this lender can help you. They require a credit score of at least 580, which is in the low to fair credit range. You can borrow up to $50,000 and have up to 84 months to pay it off with interest of up to 35.97%. They also include an origination fee of 8.99% but they do not penalize you for paying it off early.
  3. Upstart – This is another lender for those of you with low credit scores, they require a 580 or higher. They will lend up to $50,000 with an interest rate of 35.99% and up to 60 months to pay it off. They have origination fees and late fees but will not penalize you for paying the loan off early.

Are Vacation Loans a Good Idea?

               You want to take your family on a memorable getaway, but should you get a loan for it if you cannot afford it? Some experts will advise against this because you should not take a loan out for anything that is not a necessity. Your vacation will only be a week or so, but your payment will continue for up to five or more years. If you still want to take out a loan to fund your tour, you will want to keep the payments affordable to you. You do not want to go into bankruptcy or other debt to fund your vacation.

There are pros and cons of borrowing money for this purpose. The pros are that if you do a personal loan, they are less expensive than putting the vacation on a high-interest credit card. If your credit is good, you can qualify for a low-interest loan that will save you money. Personal loans are also flexible, and you can find a loan with an interest rate and payments that will be good for you.

The cons of borrowing for a vacation are that your interest rate can still be higher than you want and that you will be paying for your vacation long after it is over. The interest rate will also add extra money to your trip that you might not have budgeted for. If you get personal loan instead of using your credit cards, you will miss any rewards and benefits of your credit card.

How to Finance a Vacation

               If you should not borrow money to fund your vacation, how should you fund it? Listed below are some ways that you could do this.

  1. Make a Budget and Begin Saving – If you are planning a trip for the future, you can place a vacation fund in your budget. You will need to figure out approximately how much it will cost you and divide that by the number of months before you want to leave. Add that amount to your monthly budget so that you will not have to borrow any money once the time arrives.
  2. Use a Specific Travel Card – If you have saved up most of the money for your trip, you could get a new credit card that has benefits for traveling. You can use this for expenses such as gas and food on the trip. You can see here a list of the best travel cards that are available. You can choose your next card from this list.
  3. Take a Shorter Vacation – If you have saved most of the money, but have not quite made it all, you could opt for a shorter vacation. Instead of staying for a week or two, shave a few days off and do only the most important things on the trip. You could also save money by eating in hotel rooms that have a kitchenette and refrigerator. Cooking your own meals and not going to restaurants will save you a lot of money each night.
  4. Travel with Another Family to Cut Costs – If you have a friend or family member that could go along with you on your trip, you could split the costs with them. This would save both of you some money and increase your fun at the same time. Imagine having a vacation with your family or best friend – the memories could be endless. Make sure that you get along with whoever you invite – you want to have pleasant memories, not memories of fights and arguments.
  5. Consider a Personal Loan – This would be a last resort if you have not saved enough money for your trip. You will just need to remember that you will still be paying for your vacation long after you have arrived back home. Make sure that you check the interest rates and choose the lowest interest rates for your vacation. You do not want to be worried about how much you will be paying for your vacation while you are on your trip.


               There are ways to fund your vacation that you do not need to borrow for, but if you can budget loan payments into your monthly payments, it might be a good idea for you. You could also save for most of your trip and get a small loan to cover the rest of the amount. You could also consider going with another family member or a friend to help cut costs for both of you.

You could also use credit cards that will give you some rewards or other benefits while you travel. Cash-back cards could fund most of your gas and groceries for your trip. You could also take out a low-interest-rate personal loan that you can pay back slowly over the next few months. Whatever it takes, you should take the vacation with your family – your kids are only young once and you want to create memories with them.


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