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5 Best Minimal Apps for Android Users

Minimalism was not a term known to many before the advent of technology especially software and apps. Most of the tools and apps come up with new features, which can lead to many complications. For instance, the size of the app becomes exceedingly high and sometimes it may lag or stop working in the middle.

When it comes to smartphones, not every phone has a large memory. The users have to either search for alternatives to run those apps or in other cases, they might have to invest in a flagship phone.

Minimal apps use fewer resources and offer a clean and simple interface that any smartphone could handle. However, to make the best use of these apps, one has to invest in a reliable and trustworthy internet connection just as offered by Spectrum. Apart from offering high download and upload speeds, spectrum atencion al cliente offers timely assistance through live chat, social networks, Spectrum mobile app, and online account.

Now let’s move on to the best minimal apps you can install on your smartphone. Let’s have a look at it.

Brave Browser

What constitutes a great web browser? The browser offers high privacy and security, private web search, and ad-blocking features. Brave Browser is one of the best browsers you can get on the Google Play Store. Unlike other browsers, Brave Browser is extremely lightweight and consumes relatively less battery than its counterpart consumes.

When we look at other browsers, they claim to be extremely lightweight, but security and privacy features are not optimal. However, not when it comes to Brave Browser. If you are feeling stuck or slow while using other browsers, we would recommend installing Brave Browser for once and start enjoying web surfing like never before. Another great thing to mention about this minimal browser is its ability to block pop-ups when you visit different websites. Brave Browser is one of the best and fastest browsers for android you can get on the Google Play Store.

Solid Explorer

Organizing and managing files, folders, pictures, and videos on your smartphone is quite challenging. But not anymore when you have Solid Explorer installed on your phone. There are no such gimmicks that would slow down or drain your battery. A simple file explorer that can be used online and offline.

Solid Explorer also allows you to have cloud storage support, create archives, and NAS support. If you are using a rooted smartphone, guess what, you will still be able to run this application on your phone. If you are worried about your phone’s internal storage and want to move heavy files to an SD card, Solid Explorer will allow you to do so instantly.


At times, we feel bored with the classic looks of the default lock screen and home screen. However, if you install Zedge on your phone, you can customize the looks of your phone. It brings a plethora of wallpapers categorized according to their type. Explore different wallpapers in various categories including arts, tech, people, sayings, nature, drawings, cars, love, music, games, and many more.

If that is not enough, Zedge also brings a huge library of ringtones and notifications. Download it from Zedge and set it as your default ringtone or notification tone.

Simple Keyboard

When it comes to minimalistic keyboards, you can trust Simple Keyboard without losing your phone’s performance or speed. By default, many smartphones come with built-in SwiftKey and Gboard, which are full of bloats and bugs.

However, Simple Keyboard is something you can trust without facing any problems. Choose themes of your choice and resize the keyboard according to your ease. However, keep in mind that this app is not free to use. The app size is less than 1Mb and if you are having a limited data plan, be happy because it does not use any extra data.


We all have a habit of checking the weather before we leave for work or any other place. Overdrop is a must-have app on your phone that comes with a simple user interface and plenty of extras. The app has 50 widgets, which can be added to your home screen for beautiful looks.

Summing Up

Minimal apps offer useful functionalities without draining your battery or making your phone slow. Make sure to try the aforementioned minimal apps to perform daily tasks such as typing, browsing, checking the weather, or managing your phone’s internal and external storage.


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