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Applications of Statistics in Real World

Statistics is significant in today’s world, as we live in the information world and quite a bit of this information is resolved mathematically with the help of statistics. It keeps us educated about what’s going on in our surroundings. Statistical information encourages you to utilize the best possible strategies to gather the information, utilize the right examinations, and present the effective outcomes. Statistics is a deciding procedure behind how we make disclosures in science, make conclusions dependent on information, and to make forecasts. 


Learning statistical concepts are significant in a student’s education, as it is concerned with the assortment, examination, and interpretation of information. We have learnt various concepts of statistics in schools, such as different types of means, for example, arithmetic mean, geometric mean, harmonic mean, median, mode, range, class intervals, different graphing strategies using the grouped or ungrouped data. In our day to day life, most of the people watch weather forecasting. But, have you ever thought about how you would get that data? There are some PCs models, which are built on using the statistical concepts. These PC models compare the previous climate and the current climate and forecast future climate. Here, we will discuss the significance of learning Statistics with some of its application in reality. 

For What Reason Do We Understand Statistics? 

The advantages of learning Statistics are: 

  • Statistics helps to present the complex information in a diagrammatic, graph or tabular form, which provides clear knowledge of data.
  • It helps in giving an excellent understanding and precise depiction of a wonder of nature. 
  • It helps in gathering suitable quantitative information. 
  • It helps in providing the best possible and effective statistical query in any field of study. 
  • Statistics helps in describing legitimate inferences, with the reliability measure of the population parameters from the sample data.

Applications of Statistics

Statistics have a wide scope of uses in information technology. Let us discuss some of the important applications of statistics here.


In today’s world, business management has become a complex process. This is due to the change in various aspects, such as the number of employees, production numbers, capital investment, competition levels etc. Also, while planning, sorting out, controlling, and communicating with the people, the management stood up with numerous strategies. While managing the business, the trial and error method is not a great strategy to conclude the decision. Hence, the various statistical processes like expectations, sampling, forecasting, estimation theory, etc., are used to make the decisions.


The significant part of a nation is economic planning. For compelling the plan, the specialists require data with respect to various parts of the economy. This permits them to get ready for the future efficiently. Thus, in the field of economics, the role of statistics is notable. Statistics helps in providing the tools to investigate the information by calculating the mean, or it arranges the data in the ascending order to find the median of the data. Some incredible strategies are time series analysis, forecasting, and so on. These techniques are valuable in the investigation of information in economic planning. 


In science and clinical sciences, there is frequent utilization of many statistical tools for collecting and examining the observed data, such as the information related to the reasons for the occurrence of disease. For instance, statistical tools to measure the blood pressure, pulse rate, helps doctors to diagnose the disease properly.


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