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Should You Repair Your Tablet or Just Buy a New One?

Breaking an expensive electronic device can be frustrating for anyone, no matter how much cash they can spare. If you’ve recently cracked your tablet screen, you might have a dilemma. Should you get it repaired or should you buy a whole new device? The answer to that question will depend on a few factors. How much damage does the screen have? Is the screen still responsive to touch? How much can you see on the screen? If there are just a few cracks and you can still use the screen, Tablet screen repair Midland TX may be a viable option. However, if the screen is damaged beyond repair, you might consider total replacement.

Should You Repair Your Tablet or Just Buy a New One

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Tablet Screen?

The cost of replacing your tablet screen will depend on how damaged it is, the model and whether it’s still under warranty. The cost to repair your tablet screen could be as low as $100 if there are a few minor cracks. However, if your tablet’s screen isn’t responding to touch, then it likely needs an LED replacement. You can expect to pay $50 to $75 extra if your tablet’s LED is damaged.

Can You Repair It Yourself?

If you know what you’re doing, you can repair your tablet yourself. For the parts and tools, check eBay and Amazon. Repair kits tend to cost between $50 to $100. Even if you have the know-how to repair your own tablet, make sure you handle its delicate parts very carefully. If something goes wrong, you could damage your tablet beyond repair. You’ll only be left with the choice to buy a brand new one or do without.

Overall, it generally costs less to repair your tablet than it does to replace it. To ensure that it’s returned to full working order, go to a professional.

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