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Facts About Industrial Caster Wheels

Industrial caster wheels are very durable, making them great for demanding conditions and heavy loads. These types of casters work well in warehouses, such as on the bottom of a work platform, manufacturing facilities, and production lines. While normal caster wheels can only handle light loads, industrial caster wheels can hold up to 20,000 pounds. Here are some of the most commonly used industrial caster wheels.

Forged Steel

Forged steel caster wheels are precision machined to precise standards. These highly durable wheels can endure years of harsh use without jeopardizing integrity or performance. When using steel wheels, ensure your flooring is protected; these casters can support weights that floor-protected casters cannot (up to 20,000 pounds).

Cast Iron

Caster wheels made of cast iron are excellent for high-heat environments. They have a cool-to-the-touch shape and function in ovens, furnaces, kilns, or other high-heat applications. Made with gray iron, which means cast iron wheels can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The robust design provides a 10,000-pound carrying capacity, which is useful for a heavy duty swivel caster.

Hard Rubber

Hard rubber caster wheels are molded with a non-marking, heat-resistant interior, and are highly durable. Manufacturing companies commonly use these casters, especially on forklifts and dollies that carry heavy loads. Some examples are moving crates or stacking barrels anywhere inside a warehouse and transporting materials to and from various assembly lines before they go into production.

Phenolic Resin

Phenolic resin caster wheels offer a load-carrying capacity of up to 8,000 pounds, and they can work in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. Since phenolic resin caster wheels are plastic, they won’t rust, meaning that you won’t have to worry about corrosion. Phenolic casters are not the best for wet environments. If moisture gets inside the wheel, it will cause expansion, ruining the wheel.


Pneumatic caster wheels (air-filled rubber wheels) offer the highest cushioning effect of all caster types. They have a resilient rubber tire that dampens vibration and reduces noise generated from the rolling wheel. These wheels won’t damage flooring. Capable of rolling over obstacles. Pneumatic casters are often used in warehouse equipment because they can withstand heavy loads. Pneumatic caster wheels also offer some corrosion protection and are oil and chemical resistant.

As you can see, industrial caster wheels function in a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing and transportation. These casters allow heavy goods to move without the use of machinery. Because there are so many different materials and sizes available, industrial caster wheels fit almost any modern business requirement.

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