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History of Panthere de Cartier Watches

A Cartier piece with a distinction: When famous jewelry shop Christie’s revealed Lot 50 last 2017 at Rare Watches, and the American Classics offering, the enthusiasm in its New York bidding hall was overwhelming. The prototype of 1962, a traditional Cartier Tank pocket watch, paired a dark contoured saddle band with an 18-carat yellow gold frame, its cap fitted with the dark blue cabochon crystal emblem Cartier.

This Cartier Tank-style had a tradition to buckle about its glamorous look: a unique illustration on the frame-back showed the piece’s original owner as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis while rotating the display so that the Roman numbers head down. To know more about the Panthere de Cartier brand, read this article.

History of Panthere de Cartier Watches

The historical auction in 2017

The pound dropped off at $379,500 on the morning of the auction, more than massively increasing its initial $120,000 figure. However, Jackie’s Cartier Tank booms several expenditures, this antique Cartier timepiece offers some insight into Cartier’s luxury watches’ timeless appeal.

With that, the Parisian label’s roster of valued customers.  There are few premium companies nowadays that are comparable in authenticity to Cartier. Thus, making Panthere de Cartier among the best luxury watch brands in the world.

The Tank Francaise 2000 Cartier

In 1847 in Paris, France, Louis-François Cartier set up a firm called Car Tee Aye. Cartier’s uncle, Alfred Cartier, was a family business until the early ’60s. In 1874 he handed the company over to him.

With Alfred’s three children, Jacques, Pierre, and Louis – from the command center on the glamorous rue de la Paix, Louis managed its iconic Parisian arm while Pierre’s Cartier USA stormed in New York– Cartier gained international recognition. The label was well-known for its artistic audacity endorsed by the experts.

Then Cartier unveiled many of the most prominent fashion trademarks, namely colorful jewelry from Tutti Frutti, the company’s foremost symbol, the Panther. Thus completing one diamond for representatives of the foreign monarchies, such as the Patiala Maharaja, Duke of Windsor, and later Monaco’s Princess Grace.

Vendome Armbanduhr Panthere Cartier

The elegant architecture of the Cartier Tank is a consequence of the Art Deco with its economic approach. From the early 1900s until today, the company, headed by Louis Cartier, picked up the Art Deco.

The tank was first made in 1917 and was influenced by the dual FT-17 pumps used in the western side: the architecture reflects the ship’s tiny cabin’s perspective in a bird’ s-eye way. Ever since, there have been several variants, such as the lengthy frame of the American Tank.

The two indicators of the timepiece look like two spears, and the jewel is placed with a turquoise sapphire sparkling. Cartier Tank Solo – an excellent starting alternative with a well-aging aluminum, rose, and yellow gold frames, all shock-resistant up to 100 feet.

Panthere Cartier 1990 22MM

Cartier’s tag line has always been Feline-based jewelry. It has long been among the brand’s most popular designs, which is also Panther. However, Cartier began a long-lasting infatuation with the large cat: initially revealed in the 1900s. A piece from the special lady’s brace puts bright white gems and dark ebony into an elaborate coat design.

While the Panthère stayed famous, it suffered a short break in the 2000s until a fashionable restart in 2017. The Repositories of Cartier represent the many assignments and requests from the company, which model wonders for the monarchy and elite fashion. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was not the only person who had Cartier timing.

It is an exquisite timepiece: the ladylike version can be found in a range of styles and lavish textures, including a tiny edition in a white gold or crystal package, carried on a severe cloth case.


Cartier is a wealth and glamour related name. Louis-François Cartier, owner, and founder of the firm, made jewelry and timepieces. Santos, which continues in full operation, was the brand’s first timepiece.

The company’s inventions and technological experience give them a unique position in the premium pocket watch industry and justify the purchases many other enthusiasts make.

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