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Simple Hacks to Take Hands-Free Selfies on Your Smartphones

Haven’t we all been there? We pick up our smartphone in our hand, stretch our arm far in an attempt to squeeze in all our friends into the frame, but when everyone is positioned to fit into the frame, a new problem crops up. So, how can you get to the shutter button? Usually, people opt for the most cumbersome method of doing so, that is, by using their other hand while handling the phone delicately to ensure that it does not fall. That does seem like a lot of work. In this article, we will discuss some more straightforward way to take hands-free selfies.   

Simple Hacks to Take Hands-Free Selfies on Your Smartphones

Hands-free selfies with Huawei 

With Huawei phones, you get a myriad of options to take selfies and photos via the phone’s primary camera without physically pressing on to the shutter button.  

Head to the camera setting of your smartphone; in there, you will find two options: 

  • Photo with a smile option – In this, when you smile while facing the camera, the phone will capture a picture automatically. 
  • Audio control – In this option, all you have to do is talk loudly while you look at the camera or just ‘Say Cheese,’ and the phone’s shutter is triggered, and it will capture a picture.

The smile and speech feature works incredibly well and reliably triggers the shutter on my Huawei P30 pro phone, says Xavier, who offers online assignment help services.  

Hands-free selfies with Samsung 

Similar to Huawei, even Samsung has a hands-free selfie option. There is a voice control algorithm in your Samsung smartphone that is smart enough to distinguish between a video and a picture. So, if required, it can even trigger a video recording. When you activate the hands-free selfie via your palm gesture, the phone will wait for two seconds. In this time, you pull down the hand from the image area to where you want to place it in the frame.  

Though the hands-free selfie option of Samsung mobiles is excellent, what seems missing with it is the smile recognition feature that is present in Huawei mobiles, says Jacob, who offers finance homework help services online at TAE. However, to make up for it, it has two other options on its Note devices and Galaxy S. You can employ the heart rate monitor present on the back as a trigger. For all the other devices, you can have an additional release button anywhere you like. You can find a position for it at a place where you can hold your camera securely while you press on the camera trigger button.  

Single-hand selfies on any other smartphone 

If your phone does not have any smart software trick, just like the ones that we have mentioned above, how will you take hands-free selfies? Fret no more. We have some options for you too. In the present time, almost every smartphone manufacturer has configured its volume button as a physical camera trigger for capturing selfies, says Janice, who words as blogger with TL. In a few devices, there is also an option to configure one side for taking the pictures and the other side for recording videos. However, please know that this is not self-activated, and you will have to turn on this feature from your camera settings for it to work.   


Today smartphones from almost all the manufacturers come with a self-timer option for shutter release and taking beautiful selfies, says George, an online precalculus tutor at FineGrades. Using this feature, all you have to do is select the timer option and press onto the button. Now, there will be about two or five seconds’ time to position the phone to take your selfies. If you are taking a group selfie, you can opt for a longer countdown as it will give everyone enough time to adjust.  

Selfie accessories 

Selfie sticks were a hit in 2014, but they have not faded away. They are still used today for capturing amazing hands-free selfies. Nowadays, the selfie sticks have evolved and come with several advanced features, such as Bluetooth connectivity that enables seamless selfies.

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