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6 Best Garden Ideas for Outdoor Storage Closets

Whether you have a huge or small outdoor garden, getting a good outdoor storage closet would surely help you keep your things in place for safety and protection. Chests and storage closets are designed to not only keep your belongings safe; they are also expected to improve the usage of the entire space.

6 Best Garden Ideas for Outdoor Storage Closets

Great outdoor storage ideas can make even small space outdoor gardens tidy and functional. Smart garden ideas for outdoor storage closets provide functional ideas that develop better ambiance with a tidy environment.

Hanging storage closets

Here is one of the top six garden ideas you can choose from for your outdoor storage closets. In city-gardens often found on building verandas, space is often limited. Therefore, hanging storage closets often fit the design. Most often than not, hanging storage closets in building structures are made up of metal that fits right into the whole building’s makeup.

Often, when you put up a fixture like this in your veranda, you need to ask your property manager or your landlord for approval. Such approval is required, especially if it is going to affect the design of the whole structure.

Functional Table Outdoor Storage Chest

If you are into design-wise storages, you might want to consider using a functional table outdoor storage chest. This could be made of wood or metal, depending on the design that you desire. It is best to create or get one that will fit with the ambiance or feel you are trying to create in your garden. If you do go for wood, you should make sure to keep an eye on it and have a thorough check of it every once in a while to make sure that there are no signs of pests. Should you notice something, you may wish to call someone like Pest Control Experts out to come and take a look and give you their professional opinion and advice on what to do moving forward.

This outdoor storage chest could double as an outdoor coffee table where you can entertain visitors. Take note, though, that the outdoor storage ideas that you may take into consideration would depend on the design of your garden and the space allotted for your storage chests and closets.

Hideaway Outdoor Storage Chest

Hideaway outdoor storage chests are often placed under benches as drawers. Most outdoor garden owners use metal when they create these chests on their own. Some new designs in the market are made of plastic that is design-wise and extremely functional, especially when these chests are to be placed outdoors.

Take note that when it comes to storage in outdoor gardens, you need to consider external environmental elements that may affect the quality of the materials used with your garden ideas.

Multifunctional Bench Outdoor Storage Chest

If you want to create sitting areas around your garden, you might want to consider using a multifunctional bench outdoor storage chest. Not only will these chests be able to keep your garden tools safe and clean, but they can also serve as an extra sitting for you to entertain visitors or relax in the area. You can store your gardening tools, hammers, wrenches, and more. A storage solution such as this should give you ample room for storage.

Wall-mounted Outdoor Storage shelves

If you have spare empty walls around your outdoor garden, you might as well use these spaces wisely. Wall-mounted outdoor storage shelves are often easy to install. They can be made of wood, plastic, or metal- depending on your liking and taste. Your storage shelves should be in harmony with the whole feel of the garden. 

Hence, when picking the right wall-mounted outdoor storage shelves, you need to be very careful about the color and makeup that will fit your garden’s entire theme. It should not appear that the shelves were merely placed there for storage. Instead, everything should be in place and create a feeling that everything is connected.

Hanging ceiling storage closets

Again, if your space is limited, you can use hanging ceiling storage closets for your outdoor garden tools. Most often than not, garden owners choose to use smaller ceiling storages. Not only will these ceiling storage closets store away your tools, gardeners often choose them to avoid any blockage of the view. Since they are placed up at the ceiling, they are likely to be hidden from the immediate vision that may affect the garden’s overall view.


The truth is, the better the materials used for these storage closets and chests, the longer they can serve their function. At the same time, this means that lesser time and effort are needed to maintain them. Another point to remember is that your storage chests and closets need not be separate from the garden’s overall theme. There are special outdoor storage options that will certainly fit with the design and feel of your garden.

From this point on, it is critical that when finding the right type of storage for your outdoor garden to be fully aware of what you want, what you need, what you expect, and how you plan to maintain the whole storage setup. Your decision now will affect your garden’s ambiance and your tools’ integrity for a long time.

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