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Make your I-Phone Touch to Work with Gloves

It’s freezing and also the season of wearing gloves. Since winters have gone to “Dear God, will I ever be warm again?” This is the time to take out every little trick that you have to keep yourself warm- thermal everything, hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and never taking the gloves off. You are probably taking your gloves off every five minutes to check out the schedule or respond to the messages unless you have some rocking I Phone touchscreen gloves.


The problem with wearing gloves is it can make scrolling a total pain. Capacitive touch warm gloves exist for a reason. With capacitive covers on the tips of the finger, you can happily scroll through the phone, messages, and also play games, no matter how cold the weather is.

Buy touchscreen-capable gloves that come in a variety of colors and styles, but you can almost turn any plain gloves that you might be having. A couple of techniques can make an ordinary pair of gloves touchscreen friendly. Here are some of the methods:

Thermal paste

It is also known as the CPU paste, thermal grease, compound; the paste has many properties. The glue is mostly used in the building of the computers and is also easy to find in the electronics stores or online.

Its glove treatment method is simple- put the thermal paste on the fingers of the glove, work out in the fabric well, and allow it to dry. The properties of the dough then allow your fingers to communicate with the I-Phone touch or tablet.

Make sure of the paste as it is thick, sticky, and also difficult to work with. It can get all over your hands, clothes, and almost on portions of the glove you don’t intend to put. Be extra careful during the phase. Another most important thing to consider is the paste doesn’t set, so it will never be dry. So every time you touch your phone, tablet, coffee, tea, or blazer, you are going to get the paste everywhere.

The method doesn’t work. Dozen times you try to unlock your phone with gloves covered in thermal paste, it works twice. That is not worth putting thermal paste for the entire life.

Conductive Thread

There is a better way, and that is the conductive wire. The most famous of making the gloves. Also known as the conductive bobbin, doesn’t create a mess, won’t rub off and requires only the basic knowledge with a needle and thread. Just thread a needle and poke it through the finger of a glove many times so that the thread registers on the touchscreen.

Conductive thread is like the wiry in nature, so it is not at all natural kind of work. Another main problem is that it’s hard to come across. You might have to visit many craft stores before tracking down a small bobbin, and if you are in a small locality, then you might have to order online.

Any Glove Liquid Solution

The most loved method however also the easiest as it involves the product specifically made for the job. A liquid material that you squeeze out on the glove and let it dry, Glove works on most of the materials, including knits, fleece, and synthetic suede. A different solution is available for leather, and it does not even wash off when you wash your gloves.

Gloves have also earned approval for use on the gloves by the United States Armed Services. A single application of the solution lasts for many weeks, and if the gloves stop working, you can easily apply it again. A bottle contains 550 drops which are enough for the five pairs of gloves.

The glove is also very simple to apply because it comes in a squeeze bottle with a narrow nozzle. However, the Glove solution takes a very long time to dry. A hair dryer is recommended to use for few minutes to help the gloves dry. Once the solution dries completely, the gloves are ready to use. They are nice, works smoothly with the I-Phone Touch and is also very comfortable to wear.

The Glove solution discolors the fabric you apply it to, so expect the fingertips of the gloves to wind up some shades darker than the rest of the material. If that’s your favorite pair, it may ruin your day, but that isn’t a problem.

The Glove method is the natural approach and works best for I-Phone Touch, but the thread tutorials will go smoother if you have the sewing skills. Avoid the thermal paste method; it can work once or twice, but it isn’t worth the sticky mess.

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