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Step by Step in Installing Commercial Locks

Whether you are looking for a commercial lock for your business or a locksmith who wants to ensure you have all the correct steps, you can follow some significant steps to install a lock.


Having your assa abloy locks Orlando rekeyed is an excellent way to keep your business and its assets safe. While it might not sound like a lot of fun, it can be an easy and cost-effective way to improve security and prevent break-ins. It’s also the perfect way to enhance your office insurance.

Rekeying your locks will make them a lot harder to open. However, it will also allow you to control who has a key to your business. While it’s only sometimes possible to keep track of who has the keys to your business, it’s worth your while to at least try.

Depending on your business, you should rekey your locks every year. However, if you own a large building or have a lot of locks in your commercial property, you should rekey more often.

Mortise lock cylinders

Adding a mortise lock cylinder to a commercial door is quick and easy. However, there are some essential steps to ensure your lock is set up correctly need to mark the faceplate holes. It will p you to determine where the strike is located. Next, you’ll need to drill holes. Once completed, you’ll need to install the lock.

Depending on your lock, you may need to add spacers to the mortise cylinder. These spacers are designed to give your safety additional room. However, they can also add a decorative touch. You can also get a rekeyed cylinder to make your lock more secure.

Latch bolts

Using a deadbolt is an effective and inexpensive way to secure a door to your house. It is an elegant way to lock up your property and a surefire way to keep out intruders and vandals alike. You can choose from various deadbolts and locks, including the Schlage, Kwikset, and Yale. In addition to the standard deadbolt, you can also choose to install a combination storm door, which may require some tweaking to get it to latch up properly.

Purchasing a complete kit is among the finest methods to install a lock. A typical kit includes a hole saw, a one-inch chisel, a one-inch spade bit, and a hole saw. To get the best fit for your new lock, align the screws with the right side of the door.

Push bars

Push bars to secure your office, storefront or building are a great way to protect your business and employees. It is also an effective deterrent to break-ins.

Initially, a push bar was designed to help prevent crowd crushes in a building. However, it has been proven that they also can be used as an emergency escape mechanism.

When used in the right way, a push bar can save lives. They are used in many buildings, including schools, commercial buildings, and hospitals. They are also commonly found in emergency exit doors.

To install a push bar, you will need a good quality push bar, a drill machine, drill bits, screws, a jig, a cover plate, and a mortise cylinder.

Anti-picking protections

Choosing the right security locks can help protect your commercial building. The best waves are the ones that are designed to discourage drilling and lock-picking. In addition, some manufacturers use patented vital technology to make it more difficult for a burglar to duplicate keys.

High-security locks can help prevent drilling and lock picking, but they do not always prevent them entirely. For example, a standard pin tumbler lock can be bumped, and an intelligent key lock can be bypassed.

An anti-pick lock will have an indent on the top of the pin stack. It gives an impression that the lock is still in place but makes it harder for a burglar to pick.

Smart home gadgets

Buying a smart lock may seem overwhelming, but the process is pretty simple. Unlike a conventional deadbolt, a smart lock can connect with other devices in your home, allowing you to control it from a smartphone.

Some intelligent locks even support voice control, which can unlock them. It is helpful if you wish to utilize it with a video doorbell. You can also use your smartphone’s location to lock the door automatically.

There are two types of smart locks on the market: those that are hardwired to your home’s electricity and those that are Wi-Fi enabled. Wi-Fi smart locks make connecting to your home network more accessible. But they require you to change your battery more often.

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