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Top Tips for Building Trust with a Team

For a company to work efficiently, there has to be trust between the team and the management roles. Trust is vital because it leads to higher productivity, better rapport, and more effective outcomes as it ultimately facilitates superior communication and general outputs. It is noticeable when a team doesn’t trust its leader, and it definitely impacts the efficacy of the operation. So, here are some top tips for building trust with a team so that problems never come up. 

Build on Positive Communication Practices

A big part of affirming trust between a team and management is to work on the communication of the employees. Effective communication leads to an easier job because people are working together better and staying open about problems, successes, and everything in between. There are plenty of ways to build on communication practices from organizing out of work recreational meet-ups to training people on active listening strategies. 

Individual Meetings Are Valuable

Taking the time to get to know each team member will be valuable in this context. Trust is easier to find when the management invests in their team’s development and professional profile. This is where individual meetings come in as a valuable tool. As opposed to whole-team meetups, one on one meetings are a way for each team member to feel like a valued employee in the eyes of management and the wider organization too. This will naturally build trust because when a person feels valued, they are more inclined to respect and engage with what’s around them. 

Take an Active Approach to Boost Your Skillset

There is always room for improvement whether that is for the leaders or the people they are leading. This is where avenues like leadership coaching certificate courses come into consideration as a viable way to foster active skill building in leadership roles. Courses that focus on how to build trust and engage a team will be extremely useful, and be a valuable investment in the long term picture. 

Positive Reinforcement is Useful

Another part of nurturing the trust between management and employee is to think about how to deliver bad news, and how to praise the achievements too. This all falls under positive reinforcement, and as a strategy, it is highly effective. People need to know that the higher-up leads are taking the time to see what they’re doing and that if something goes wrong they are in a safe enough space to work through it collaboratively. This can all be cemented through positive enforcement techniques. 

Be Consistent Above All Else

The last thing to keep in mind is the value of consistency. Trust is a fragile thing, and if someone is behaving erratically it is far more likely to become broken and even irreparable. When a team loses confidence in management because of a lack of consistency, it is a hard thing to come back from. So, make sure that you are what you say you are every single day you’re in charge of a project and deliver continuous methods of management. 

Building trust with a team is essential for maximizing operations. It is easy to do and requires a little dedication and skill building along the way. 

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