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5 Emojis You Can Use In An Uninteresting Conversation

There are many ways to show how uninteresting a conversation is. It can be said directly to the reader so that it would be loud and clear. But some people are not that frank in expressing their true feelings. That is why they have emojis that can do all the talking for us.

It can be a little rude to say it directly to their faces. Rather than doing that, there are some Emojis that can help express a person’s feelings without taking the risk of hurting others. Here are some of the sample emoji one can use to make their point known.

5 Emojis You Can Use In An Uninteresting Conversation

Face with Rolling Eyes emoji

The first example emoji that can express a person’s boredom or frustration is the rolling eyes emoji. This yellow emoji with no color variation imitates a person’s rolling eyes that show disapproval or sarcasm, and this is one of the most commonly used emoji of this generation.

The emoji’s rolling eyes are an emoji with large eyes moving upwards with a small frown and a flat mouth. One looks at this emoji, and anyone will immediately notice the annoyance in the senders’ ambiance and understand the atmosphere even without saying any words.

Expressionless Face emoji

Another example emoji that people frequently use when making a statement is the expressionless face emoji. If the sender is not fascinated or maybe irritated, this is the perfect emoji to use. It can be a version of a person who has nothing to say.

This emoji face with a closed mouth and flat closed eyes you can use to express displeasure, annoyance, frustration, and boredom. The expressionless face emoji were introduced last 2012 and has already been part of Emoji 1.0.

Face with raised eyebrow emoji

One more example of an emoji that you can use negatively is the Face with a raised eyebrow. It is regularly used in a conversation to show disapproval, disbelief, doubt, skepticism, and of course, the sense of suspicion from the one that he/she is talking with.

It is an emoji that shows a small flat mouth with one of its eyebrows raised. It may not be the most commonly used emoji these days, but once you use this, anyone using this emoji can make a straight point on how fed up the person is.

Smirking Face emoji

It is not entirely a negative emoji since you can use it differently depending on what you want to express. But it can turn a boring conversation around because most of the people that use this emoji are either flirting or being a little bit naughty, which can add more spice to the discussion.

The smirking face emoji shows a raised eyebrow with the eyes looking on the side with a half-smile raised in a smirk. This emoji can express the senders’ flirty or suggestive part or if being mischievous, cunning, and self-satisfied.

Face without mouth emoji

There is another emoji that many people in this generation uses. And that is the Face without mouth emoji. It can be a little bit self-explanatory because if this is used, it automatically means that the person does not have anything left to say. This emoji also shows that the person using it is feeling a little bit lonely or disappointed.

Emojis such as this one are usually used in tough conversations because it conveys the person’s emotion using it. If you see this emoji in the conversation you’re having with your friend, please make sure to check on her/him out for you to know what are the things you can do to ease the pain he/she is feeling.

In A Nutshell

In this generation, social media platforms are everywhere. It means there are a ton of emojis that you can use in your conversations. These are a few examples of them and how you would be able to use them properly. If you are talking to someone who is annoying or boring you to death, these are some examples of emojis that you can use without being direct. Be careful though, you can actually hurt someone’s feelings even if they are little symbols.

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