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Checking Network Coverage The Easy Way

Worrying about having a cellphone signal will not occur if you know how to check your current service provider’s network coverage. In this article, we will give you an idea of how to quickly check your network coverage in At&T, Verizon, and Sprint. This way, you will be able to check your network coverage without having a hard time figuring out how to do it right.

Checking Network Coverage The Easy Way

How To Check Network Coverage Through Verizon

Checking network coverage has never been made easier when you use the Verizon website. The first thing you have to do is proceed to their website and, once directed to the page, scroll through their site until you see a map. If the map does not show up, you will see “Expand Interactive Map” click on it, and you redirect to a new interface.

A map will show up wherein you can zoom in and out specific areas you want to see. The red mark designates the network coverage of Verizon’s in specified areas. You are also allowed to search particular locations you prefer by typing it in the search bar provided wherein you place the addresses, city, the area’s zip code, and include even the state.

From there, you will tick the magnifying glass, allowing you to search the area you just typed in. Marked in black, you will see your requested area. If your search results are marked with red, this indicates that the location you entered has network coverage of Verizon’s. If not, then the area you inputted may be out of coverage.

How To Check Network Coverage Through AT&T

Checking the network coverage of your service carrier from AT&T, going to their website is the first step. Once you direct yourself to their website, you will also see an interactive map, but the areas with network coverage are covered in blue. The areas without coverage will be covered in white, making it very clear for you to find coverage in particular areas.

You can further expand your search by using the location search of AT&T or use your location as of the moment. The map will automatically zoom in on your location or the specified location you want to check, and there are colors on the side that will show the coverage of the sites you wish to see.

The AT&T International

Checking your network coverage outside your area or somewhere international is also important to know as it will come in handy whenever you travel far and sites of unfamiliar places. Clicking on the website’s “international” tab will lead you to the map of the world. You are also allowed to put filters to specify your designated area for network coverage further.

How To Check Network Coverage Through Sprint

Same as with the other mentioned sites, in Sprint, you need to direct yourself to their webpage, and in their interface, you will also find a map. In that map, you can check the area’s coverage. The indication for areas with coverage are in yellow.

Found in the Sprint’s web interface corner, there is a search bar to input your exact addresses. After inputting the area of your choice, click the button saying “Map it,” and you will move to a map, with the location automatically zoomed in for clarity.


With mobile connections, it is easy for us not to bother checking our network coverage since most places are covered with the signal. But there are instances wherein going on trips to sites that are out of coverage will make us realize that it is essential for us to know checking the area’s coverage before going to that specific destination.

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