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Finding The Best Real Estate Agent For You

If you are considering buying or selling a piece of property , whether it’s for your own use or it’s part of your investment strategy, you need an agent. An agent will be able to guide you through the purchase or sale process and, at the same time, help you find the best property at the best price for yourself. 

Finding The Best Real Estate Agent For You

In any area, there are dozens of real estate agents from which to choose. Some work with a large national network. Others like those at finlaybrewer.co.uk are more local so have indepth knowledge of the areas that they cover. Your challenge is to find an agent you are comfortable working with to guide you through the process of real estate investing. Not just any agent, but one who could easily be known as “Super Agent” in the area – an agent who will help and guide you through the process of buying or selling. Most importantly, you will want to work with the right real estate agent for you and your real estate search and purchase.

Asking Questions

There are many questions to be answered as you talk with various real estate agents about your needs and plans for beginning or continuing your real estate investing. A basic question to ask of an agent is whether or not they own or manage real estate for themselves or others. What is the length of time they have done this? How experienced are they? 

The next issue is whether or not the agent owns or manages real estate on their own account? Are they experienced and properly licensed? Once you’ve determined they have the proper credentials, you want to determine the agent’s knowledge of the areas and neighborhoods that are attractive to you. 

For example, does the agent have a good knowledge of the area? What experience do they have with the area you’re interested in? Are they familiar with schools and shopping? Do they know if most of the neighbors are young families or retired couples with no children? Are they familiar with everyday life in the neighborhood? Do they know the trends in the area?

A Good Agent Needs A Good “Little Black Book”

In addition to knowing the neighborhood, does the agent have their own “Little Black Book” of the service and tradespeople that often are involved in a real estate transaction? Are they familiar with reliable moving and storage companies, contractors, decorators, painters, home inspectors, home staging company and landscapers who can resolve any issues that come along? Does the agent have a good source for finding general labor, reliable babysitters, and other help who can contribute to making moving easier? 

If you are a seller, ask the agent how they plan on marketing your listing. Does the agent do open houses? Do they have a photographer they can use to help create an information sheet regarding your property? Are they creative in their marketing? Do they host open houses? If so, do they schedule open houses only on the weekends or do they schedule open houses during the week after work? When they host an open house, do they dress professionally and have adequate information available about the listing?

References And Communication Are Important

Do they have a better business rating or referrals from past clients? if you spoke to a past client what would you hear about their experience? Do they solve problems and challenges? Do they suggest alternative ways of marketing when needed? Do they have positive references for transactions similar to yours?

Do they keep in constant contact with their clients and are they easy to reach, either by telephone or text? Do they let you know the best times and ways to contact them? Do they stay in continuous contact with you, providing progress updates on a regular basis? Do they have a partner who is an agent or a trained staff person that works with them? A “team” arrangement consisting of a licensed agent and a support staff person will mean that you would always be able to contact someone with a question or issue that had to be resolved quickly. 

Are they a good negotiator? Do they keep up with trends in real estate as a whole and specifically in the areas you are considering? Are they aware of market activity in the area and are monitoring properties that are similar to those that would interest you? 

Do they understand what you want or need in a transaction and what’s important to you? Is the agent aware of timing that is important to you that should be taken into consideration such as the start date of a new job, start day of school, due date of a baby, or any other significant occasion? 

Have You Talked Finances?

Have you had a serious conversation with the realtor regarding your financial situation; do they understand and are familiar with your budget and timing? Are you comfortable that the agent knows the maximum and minimum amounts that you can use for real estate investing? Does the property in question present any unusual financial issues? For example, is it a short sale or a foreclosure? Is the property in need of substantial work to make it habitable?

Do they specialize in a particular type of property? For example, historic houses, duplexes, and multi-family properties can each present different problems and challenges, whether you are the seller or the buyer. Questions will vary with the type of transaction you are considering. 

This is a long list of questions to ask a realtor. Each of them, however, covers a topic or an issue that can be an important factor in your investment strategy.. Asking these questions will give you an opportunity to understand your agent and the entire sales process. 

Check out the real estate market yourself. Walk or drive around the neighborhoods that interest you. Check traffic patterns through and around these neighborhoods. It is the best way to get a sense of traffic patterns during rush hours and before and after school. Check the real estate section of the Sunday paper. If you come across an “Open House”, stop in. Whether you’re buying or selling, you will get a sense of what the real estate market is like. 

Are You Comfortable With An Agent?

Does your real estate agent communicate well with you? Do they tell you what to expect? Be wary of agents that tell you they will get you a quick sale and top dollar for your property if you’re the buyer. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Don’t be afraid to ask a potential realtor any questions that come up during the interview process. Buying or selling real estate assets can be complicated. If you’re not comfortable with an agent, walk away. In a real estate transaction, you are often literally handing an agent your checkbook and wallet. In real estate, the best surprise is really no surprise. 


Finding a real estate agent with whom you are comfortable, and trust can be a challenge. But, if you take the time to ask questions and do your research, you have set the stage to satisfactorily conduct a property search and close a deal. 

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