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Real Estate Agents Maximize Their Marketing Efforts with These Tips

Real Estate Agents Maximize Their Marketing Efforts with These Tips


As a real estate agent, your goal is to see your business thrive and to keep up to date with the latest real estate marketing ideas to ensure your business is ahead of the trends. However, growing your business can be, at times, daunting, considering the competition and overcrowding in the real estate industry. Therefore, as an agent, you need to adopt marketing strategies.

Apart from positioning you as a professional, real estate marketing also helps promote your business and attract clients, whether you sell to developers and are looking to improve your project property sales or sell the finished property to homeowners. The success of a business will mostly depend on your hard work and persistence.

Fortunately, real estate marketing becomes manageable if you use various strategies that have worked for others. Below are a few tips that real estate agents, both pros and novices use to maximize their marketing efforts.

Video Marketing 

Video marketing is arguably one of the most effective ways to attract potential clients. Visual elements are essential when it comes to real estate marketing. They show all the aspects and features of the property you are selling. Also, it is easier to grab someone’s attention using visual elements. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of video marketing. 

Get Straight To the Point

When you decide to use videos for marketing your real estate business, it is essential to keep them short and informative. If it is possible, deliver your promotional message within the first thirty to sixty seconds. As a result, your target audience will have an idea of your video entails, even if they later decide to drop off. 

Your Videos Must Be Interesting 

When making videos to market your business, it is important to note that you are not the only one. Therefore, you need to create exceptional and exciting videos that will grab your audience’s attention.

When creating visual elements, you need to be unique and creative. If you cannot do it yourself, many companies can help you with video marketing. 

Inform and Teach Your Target Audience 

Most people are eager to know about real estate. Before they decide to buy property, they must clarify any information they are not sure about. Therefore, when you use videos to teach your audience, you also increase the chances of attracting clients.

Ensure that your videos contain valuable content that can help ease the buying process. For instance, you can create a video focusing on purchasing the right property, buying a house using a mortgage, etc.

Use Catchy Titles

Your videos need to have catchy titles. This way, it will be easier to entice your target audience to watch the video. Make that it is generic and unique.

Use an SEO optimized video description

When uploading your video, it is advisable to accompany it with an optimized SEO description. Ensure that you use relevant keywords for the video to rank higher than the others. It needs to be long enough to avoid keyword stuffing. 

Digital Marketing 

Before making a decision, most people prefer to conduct in-depth market research or see the property in person. Therefore, you need to establish a strong online presence. Today, digital marketing is at the forefront of every real estate agent’s marketing efforts, as it is more likely to lead to successful sales. Here are some tips to ensure that digital marketing is effective.

Use Social Media Platforms

The primary purpose of social media platforms is for people to socialize. However, with time it has become a digital marketing tool for most business owners. The reason behind it is that there are billions of people who use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

You can use social media to educate people about real estate, offer advice, and establish relationships. With time, you will convert some of your followers to clients. Ensure that you have a credible profile and a link to your website where they can learn more about your services.

Use Ad Words 

Ad words are responsible for advertising your business online. Unfortunately, if you promote your business for free and anyhow, the chances are that your advertisement will not reach a massive crowd. On the other hand, paid ads attract large traffic and promote brand recognition. 

Real estate agents need to create simple but effective ad words that are to be displayed to people searching online. When creating ad words, make sure that you use keywords appropriately, track the effectiveness of every ad word, and Craft a call to action phrase.

Create a Blog Site/ Website 

Majority of people who intend to buy a property search for reliable real estate agents online. It is why you need to create a website. It shows the consumer the services you have to offer. Your website will only become an effective marketing tool if it is user-friendly and has useful content. It should be compatible with various devices, from mobile phones to laptops and tablets.

The content you post on your blog site must be updated regularly and relevant to real estate. It should be unique, high quality, and lengthy enough to rank higher on SERPs. You can also use SEO to drive traffic to your website.

Community Involvement 

When you become an established real estate agent, you should get involved with your target community through charities, giving to charities, and community events.

Community involvement helps boost your reputation among your target audience. The more they realize that you care for the community, the more they are likely to turn to you for real estate advice, information, etc.

Community involvement helps to boost your influence, create meaningful relationships, and establish connections. Your primary focus should be to help the community instead of promoting your business. Be subtle if you have to do it.

By participating in community events, you get to determine your target audience and generate new leads. As cynical as it sounds, people will be eager to know you better if you interact with them.

Ask For Referrals

When it comes to maximizing your marketing efforts, do not be afraid of asking for referrals. There is a good chance every satisfied customer you serve has a friend, relative, or co-worker who intends to buy a property. 

You can go the extra mile of motivating individuals to recommend your business. For instance, you can offer referral bonuses, discounts, and gifts.

A new client will comfortably choose to buy a property from you when a friend or relative has referred them to you.

Consistently Stay In Touch With Your Contacts

It is crucial to stay in touch with your contacts and previous clients. As a result, it will prevent them from seeking other real estate agents when purchasing a property. You can send text messages and regularly interact with them on social media platforms. 

Direct mail is an effective way to stay in touch with your target audience. You can send direct mail to prospect and previous clients anytime to remind them of your services and current offer. However, direct mail can be tricky. There are instances where the recipient throws the mail into the trash without even giving it a look.

So as not to seem like a nuisance, send direct mail at least once a month. Additionally, your mail should be brief and straight to the point. It is supposed to grab the recipient’s attention right away. Your call-to-action should give your clients’ a strong push to call you. You can also include special offers and gifts when you send direct mail during birthdays and holidays.

The above tips will help you maximize your marketing efforts as a real estate agent. It also helps to use a company such as Wise Pelican, which specializes in real estate postcards. Not only do they provide templates, they also provide mailing lists with no order minimums. 


Incorporating all of these marketing strategies will help you, as a real estate agent, grow your business and make more money.

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