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How Everyone Can Use Mobile Apps to Stay Safe

How Everyone Can Use Mobile Apps to Stay Safe

How Everyone Can Use Mobile Apps to Stay Safe

Mobile apps tend to get a lot of criticism for being unsafe for users and damaging to the security of a person’s entire smartphone. Though it is true that mobile apps have caused some security issues for people, the whole mobile app industry has made a lot of positive changes to not only correct these issues, but also increase the security of a person’s phone.

Today, there are apps that are not only safe to use, but that can actually improve a person’s security and sense of wellbeing anytime of the day or night. Here are some ways everyone can use mobile apps to keep themselves and their family safe.

Connect to the home security system

One of the most common changes people are making in their daily security today is connecting to their home security system throughout the day. Most security systems from ADT Security in Victorville CA have the option to let people monitor and adjust their home security from their mobile phone.

Know where everyone is

For parents especially, it is easy to worry about where everyone is and what they are doing. Digital tools like parental control apps use geo-tracking to give everyone an approximate location of every family member when they are outside of the house, thus making it possible to respond to an emergency situation swiftly.

Send out a silent alert

Just having a mobile phone on hand can be an extremely valuable tool in any security threat situation. Many people, however, will not be able to call or send out a text when they need help. There are many options for safety applications that sent out silent alerts to emergency contacts when a person is in need.

Catch a ride home

When spending time out casually drinking, many people still think it is alright to drive themselves home. No matter how much alcohol was consumed, it is always a good idea to find a safe ride home at the end of the night. Use a mobile app to find a ride that can be trusted.

Find the best route home

Walking home alone can be a little nerve-racking in any neighborhood. It is a good idea for people to use mobile apps to find the safest route home that will be quick for them to use without any concern.

Create a personal safety checklist for anyone

When parents are using a babysitter, it is common for them to worry that they hired help will forget the rules and instructions they are given about keeping their kids safe. Some mobile apps allow parents to give a step by step list to anyone who might need it on how to best care for their kids, keep the home safe, and even most safely navigate the neighborhood.

Teach kids the importance of safety

The best defense against any safety concern is knowledge. Everyone should try to teach their kids early on the best methods to use to safely get out of any emergency situation. Some new mobile apps are designed to educate kids and test their skills on a variety of safety issues.

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