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How to become a game Tester ?

How to become a game Tester

Video tester is professions in which people working at video game companies go through the tasks of testing games to make sure those are free from bugs, glitches or any kind of viruses. The role of the player is to not play the game but to break the game. This is highly desirable job with relatively low educational requirements, most people actually use it as a springboard for the career in the video game industry. This is not one of the great opportunities, not just pay nor does the “play” which is attract most people to the position.

How to become a video game tester

To become a video game tester,

  1. Decide if a game tester career is appropriate for you or not.
  2. Complete your degree in related field.
  3. Purchase the supplies from the suppliers like gaming systems and consoles.
  4. Bolster your resume with additional education.

Role of the game testers

The video game testers work for the video game companies. They work for thoroughly testing the games and make sure those are free from viruses and bugs. For the reason they are called the beta testers. The players purposefully move through the video game, playing all the levels and going through the menus with using all the different characters and options with the goal of uncovering the flaws in the system.

Discovering more about the job

The video game testers are expected to take a wide range of action in the game for identifying the problems. Essentially the bugs are something wrong with the programming and there can be huge variety of them. Those bugs mostly come when the players get trapped at certain spots or when the moment inside the graphics doesn’t work properly on a specific character. There are a lot of pugs that could be present in the game but these game testers give their best to help release these from the game flawlessly.

After that the main task of the video game tester is to use the game in many possible ways as they actually conceive taking action that few users will ever make. This might be repetitive but is one of the most important duties.

Technical training

Not all the employees require a college degree for the entry level game testing position. But if you want to join as a game tester then you can obtain degree in computer programming, software development or graphic design. Apart from that you must also hone your skills and take the time to read as many gaming tips as possible in order to become one of the best video game players out there. Every game developer company is looking forward for hiring someone who is not just talented but at the same time must be passionate about the gaming. So it is important that one must familiarize self with the gaming technology and trends. This would be helpful in joining a social media network devoted to gaming for starting a blog on the subject. One can also participate in public beta tastes of games and interning at gaming companies for gaining more and more experiences for starting career as a game tester.

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