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How to Buy A New Car Without Burning A Whole in Your Pocket ?

The path to buying and maintaining a car can be very expensive. If you don’t watch your steps, you may stub a toe, or worse still, break a leg. One must locate the car they want to purchase, research the price, and negotiate before buying. To avoid burning a hole into your pocket, here are a few things to consider

How to Buy A New Car Without Burning A Whole in Your Pocket

Things To Consider Before Buying a Car

  1. Financing

A person buying a car must consider how they will finance the sale. They have to weigh if paying cash is better than getting funding. This of course depends majorly on the price of the vehicle, which can be researched using Invoice Pricing. If they choose to take auto loans, they need to consider the car loan amortization

This is a schedule on how the loan will be paid. According to Lantern by SoFi, the loan amortization is dependent “on several factors, including the vehicle’s purchase price, the loan’s interest rate, and APR, and the loan term.”

2. Plan Before Visiting a Dealership

Purchase a car should never be an impulse. If you enter a dealership without a plan, you will leave with a huge hole in your pocket. You must always know how much your current car is worth, the market value of the vehicle you plan to buy, how much you are willing to pay and how much you can pay in monthly installments.

How much does your car use annually? Is it really necessary? Are you feeding out of rumors that cost you more than necessary? Below are car myths that unnecessarily break a hole into your pocket.

3. Your Insurance Covers You For Everything.

Once you purchase a car, you must ensure it before driving it. Car insurance is divided into first party and third p[party insurance. The basic vehicle insurance covers body injury liability and damages to the car. 

There are other situations when even the comprehensive cover will not insure your damages. For example, if you modify your vehicle and don’t declare the modifications to the insurer, you cannot claim in case of an accident.

This is among the most critical things to consider before buying a car. Seek advice and know if you need a compressive cover, a first- or third-party insurance. This mitigates the risks in case of damage.

4. Change Your Engine Oil After Every 5000km.

Changing your car oil ensures that the car engine is working optimally. It is, however, dependent o your type of driving, the type of oil you use, and the engine itself and not the number of kilometers. 

Changing your engine oil after every 5000 km is unnecessary and will only dent your pocket, and oil companies recommend oil change between 8000km-10,000km.

Before buying a new car, you must consider the oil and the dealership to use to maintain your vehicle.

5. Always Do Your Routine Maintenance at Your Dealership, Even When Your Warranty Expires.

Car maintenance is like food to the system, meaning that it’s necessary. Every car must have a routine checkup once in a while. However, this doesn’t mean that maintenance must be done at your dealership- even when your warranty has expired. 

A person can learn how to do their routine maintenance, or better still, they have the liberty to choose a mechanic of their choice as long as they can collect an invoice after service.

Before the warranty expires, it’s always advisable to take your car to your dealership for maintenance. After that, you may need to consult your mechanic or do it yourself.

Get Your New Car Today

Purchasing a car should not be a daunting task, and getting financing is considered better than buying cash. You, however, have to consider the down payments, interest rates, trade-in value, loan term, fees, and taxes before considering the loan. For more information, visit lantern credit.


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