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How to Safely Shop Online

As states continue their shutdowns and stay at home orders or begin to cautiously reopen, most people have turned to the Internet to shop for groceries, entertainment and clothes. While this method of shopping reduces your chance of exposure to the novel coronavirus, you should be aware of the following safety issues.

How to Safely Shop Online

Food Contamination

If you order food, drinks or other consumable items, make sure that you use a reputable vendor. If you are not using an established grocery chain, research the company on Yelp or another review site. Check the customer satisfaction rate as well as the details on their shipping reliability. For example, if you purchase kratom, make sure that you use a website such as that includes a safety guarantee. Just as you would not eat something from the grocery store if it had been opened, throw away any items which have been tampered with.

Credit Card Theft

Most websites have figured out how to securely conduct credit card transactions online. However, if you are using a site that does not include guarantees of your information’s safety, consider using an alternative payment method such as PayPal. Never provide your credit card information to a company via email; it is too easy to access this data through hacking.

Computer Viruses

Just as people share diseases, computers can transmit viruses. If you purchase software or a document with information, you have to download it from the vendor’s site. Beware of downloading files that look suspicious and install reputable software that scans downloads before you open them. Ask your computer’s manufacturer for advice on the many different security companies.

As you try to maintain you and your family’s health, it is often disheartening to hear that you must worry about your safety in yet another area. Still, you must be informed about these issues so that you can safely use the Internet.

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