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How to Transport an Ebike ?



You may transport your E-bike in the back of a van, sport utility vehicle, or hatchback. Transporting your bike inside keeps your bike and its components (such as brakes) clean, dry, and free of infection.

Removing the front wheel and battery before loading the bike into your car will result in a better fit, lower weight, and easier lifting.

While moving an E-bike inside a vehicle, take care not to snag or damage the wires or handlebar-mounted control devices. Cover the E-bike with a blanket to protect it from harm. Check best folding electric bike.

  • If you’re going to use a bike rack, be sure it’s rated for the weight of your E-bike(s) and can support the size of the wheel/tire or frame.
  • In general, hitch/receiver-mounted, tray/platform-style bike racks are the best for usage with an E-bike. These not only demand less effort to raise your bike onto the rack, but they are also more likely to be rated to support the weight of one or more E-bikes.
  • Before putting the E-bike onto the rack, remove the battery. Why? It will be lighter and simpler to load, as well as less vulnerable to theft or loss.
  • After your bike is on the rack, use the straps on your rack to firmly secure the E-bike. In addition, we urge that you secure your bike.
  • Consider covering your E-bike while carrying it in the back of your vehicle to prevent the risk of damage and contamination.

There are many means of transportation popular within the hybrid eBike community, and we’ll go through them in this post, along with our best recommendations for making it safer and simpler.

Car transporting your electric bike

Using your automobile to carry your bike is the most common mode of transportation and has the most equipment available to make this feasible. Vehicles have three common styles of racks that may be added to transport your electric road bike.

Racks for tow bars

A tow bar mounted bike rack is our favorite mode of transportation for most automobiles. When shopping for a tow bar mounted bike rack for electric bikes, it’s crucial to know the total weight that must be carried since this will define the kind of tow bar bike rack you may buy.

Tow bar attached bike racks often enable you to transport up to two electric bikes at once. If you want to go out with more than one hybrid bike on the back of your vehicle, you’ll need to invest in a tow bar bike rack that can support at least 38kg.

Tow bar bike racks include additional features than ordinary bike racks, such as a ramp to assist you put your electric road bike onto the back of your vehicle and a tilting motion that gives access to the trunk without having to remove the eBikes or bike rack.

  • ebike tow bar installed bike rack
  • Bike racks for trunks
  • Truck-mounted bike racks are often a less expensive choice for individuals seeking for a bike rack, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily advised or encouraged for eBike usage.

Bike racks attached to the trunk are often less durable and strong, which is why we do not advocate utilizing a trunk-mounted bike rack for your electric bike. The danger of the bike sliding off the rack, or the rack collapsing under the weight and damaging your bike, is substantially greater, and we wouldn’t want you to take that chance!

Roof rack for electric bicycles

If you’re certain that you can lift and put the bike on top of your vehicle, a roof rack is an excellent choice. While it offers excellent stability and permits access to your boot as well as the usage of reverse parking sensors, it is a less popular alternative among the eBike community when compared to tow bar mounted racks.

Be aware that heavy lifting might injure your back and lead you to crash your vehicle or damage your bike!

Flying about on your electric bike

So, just in case you were wondering, traveling with an electric bike on a plane is quite hard and we do not encourage it. There are too many hazards, and they may be quite expensive. Instead of bringing your favorite Avaris eBike on vacation, try renting an electric bike instead.

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